Monday, June 24, 2013

Celebrations, Sleepovers, & Sickies

 I'm going through pictures, and I realize ~ I'm so far behind!

What's new, though, right?


Miss Tay celebrated a birthday last week.
{And so did I, but let's not linger on that fact}.

She was so excited to open presents all by herself like a big girl.

We started the morning with a few presents from the sissies and Mama and Daddy.

And moved on to Strawberry Shortcake-making later in the afternoon.

Then came a small celebration that evening . . .

Taylor was perfectly pleased to be modeling her new princess attire.

The following day we had friends over for a sleepover, since Jeremy was at work.

They were so sweet to bring the makings for homemade pizza, and even a birthday cake for me!


And do you know how we repaid them?
By passing along a stomach bug :(
Ugh.  I feel terrible about that.
Kenners hadn't felt well earlier in the week, but it had been a couple of days since she'd been sick, and none of my other girlies seemed to get it, so we thought we were safe.

Not so.
The day after the sleepover Sierra came down with it . . .
Then Kam, then Taylor, and finally . . . me.
I probably don't have to remind anyone that I'm scared to death of vomit.
After this incident a couple years ago . . . yeah.

But.  I *think* we are finally all on the mend. 
Not 100%, but definitely feeling better.

Birthday parties, sleepovers, sickies . . .

And, oh yeah . . .

This guy:

Mr. Coyote, hangin' out RIGHT by the chicken coop!
They're getting awfully friendly these days :/

And I can't resist one of Miss Soph:
She finds the most interesting places to nap.
She's SUCH a stinker.
But she's a cute stinker.
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Jenny said...

Oh I just want to cuddle with that kitty! She's adorable!

Happy Birthday to you and Taylor. I'm so sorry you all got sick. The puking viruses are just the worst!

Busy Bee Suz said...

So sorry about the sickies. You are such a nice and sharing family....but ewww. :(
Happy belated birthday to you both.
The coyote makes me nervous too and your kitty is adorable!


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