Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Girls Trip 2013

 Life just isn't going to slow down, is it?
I often wonder how I had time to blog so regularly before,
when it's all I can do to whip up a bi-monthly report these days.

Such is the season of life.
I'd better choose to embrace it.

So. Our annual Girls Trip with Grandma has come and gone.
With so many happenings in early September, we couldn't get away until this last weekend.
We headed to Central Oregon on Sunday, and what a fabulous time we had.

Geri had chosen the most beautiful town house at Eagle Crest Resort.
And if you know Kam, that's her favorite part.
She LOVES a nice hotel room or beautiful vacation home.
She could care less about any of the activities.
Just give her a well-appointed place to kick back, and she's one happy girl!
Goodness, I love that child.

We shopped until we dropped on Monday, ordered take out, and headed back to the house for some R&R.

 {Do you notice little Miss Taylor-Diva?!  She's such a kick these days!!}


On Tuesday morning we headed home.
A quick stop in Sisters for a bit more shopping . . .

and a quick photo shoot outside the town house.

The property was gorgeous.
This was, literally, right outside our back deck:

Oh how I love our Girls Trip.
It's an outing we look forward to each year.
 A big thank you to Grandma Geri for planning such a fun getaway!
{And I'm bummed to say I don't have a group shot of us. 
Geri does, though, so hopefully I'll get ahold of one soon!!}
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Sarah Shumate said...

Look at the girls with their own cameras! :o) You'll have a family photography business up and running before too long!

Lex is the same as Kam - if she's got a great place to stay, she's cool to just hang out in the hotel the whole time. Silly girl!

Connie Weiss said...

I see a couple girls that have been bitten by the photography bug!

What a beautiful place for a trip!

This Old House said...

I'm like Kam- give me a beautiful B&B and I'm good! : )

Foursons said...

I love Kenner with her camera!

The girls just keep getting bigger and more beautiful as time goes by.

Kam and Taylor are especially growing fast. It looks like Kam's hair is darkening up a bit.

Your girl weekends always look like so much fun!

Jenny said...

These are great! What a fun time!

Busy Bee Suz said...

OMG look at Taylor; diva with her attitude! Adorbs.
So nice you had a little getaway with your girls.
LOVE the photo of the five of you; perfection!


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