Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Countdown to Christmas 2013 ~ Days 9 & 10

We're counting on down to Christmas!

Day 9 was spent shopping.
My girls could shop all day, every day.
They love it.

I needed to pick up a little surprise at the Disney store,
and then it was off to Walmart for wrapping supplies.
No photos for day 9 because 4 children + 1 disorganized Mama = mess.

Day 10 was Wrapping Day.
I specifically bought a couple extra rolls of .97 wrap at Walmart so the little girls could wrap
{and tape!} to their heart's content. 

Holly let her hair down yesterday.

And in the afternoon, we got a call from my dad
asking if the big girls and I would like to go to a movie.

I'm going to be honest, at first I wasn't sure.
It was a greasy-hair, pony-tail and leggings kind of day,
and the thought of leaving the house didn't appeal.

But I'm so happy we went.
It was nice to get out with just the two big girls.
It was a beautiful drive to an old movie theater in Silverton.

And I was pleasantly surprised to find I LOVED the movie
{we saw Catching Fire. I didn't love the first movie, but the second totally made up for it!}
*And ya know, my hair was nothing a little baby powder couldn't fix ;)

Once we got home, we had a little dinner, did some snuggling, and put the littles to bed.

And just enjoyed the beautiful sights of Christmas.
 Today is a laid back day at home.
Christmas story-reading is on our to-do list.
I'm going to enjoy these quiet moments . . .
the rest of the week is going to be BUSY!
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Kelli said...

Beautiful wrapping materials!!! I love your tree too :) I'm so glad you like the movie and you got to have a little time with your big girls! Tonight we are reading the Polar Express.

Jenny said...

LOL about your hair. Oh well, at least you had fun!

Did your girls see Frozen yet? We liked it. We also just saw White Christmas at the theater and Abby loved the dancing and costumes. It was fun!

I got the card and it's so cute. I'm sending ours, but I did NOT take the pic. It's from a place at the mall. LOL!

Jenny said...

Oh and the tree is gorgeous!


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