Thursday, August 14, 2014

Busy Busy Bees

I like to stay busy.  We're a family of busy little bees, by nature.
But this Summer . . . a little too busy even for my liking!
We've hardly had a moment to breathe.
Good for memories, hard for the little ones to adjust to.
Which means . . . I have seventy million photographs to go through, leaving me a liiiiiiiitle overwhelmed. So I've decided to work from my current folder, backward.  I told myself not to take ANYmore pictures until I get this under control.  But then I laughed at myself, because, NOT take any more pictures?  Mmmmhmmmm.
So. Show and Tell Summer Edition:
We've been camping twice ~ our first camping trip, my family reunion, deserves a post all its own {and I swear I'll have time at some point!}.  Our second trip was a laid-back fishing trip for Jeremy. 
 The girls and I crafted and got to spend time with Grandma {Jeremy's parents were able to come along}. 
We made a lot of wonderful memories in one of our favorite places on earth.
The day we got home from camping, my sister and her family were here.  And they got to visit for almost a week!  We had movie nights with our cousins, swam in Nana and Grandpa's pool, and, of course, went to another one of our favorite places: Enchanted Forest.

Yearly tradition, this is.

We were unable to go last year, so the girls were extra excited!!


When family had to go home, no fear.  We had a packed schedule to keep us busy!
Birthday dinner for the hubs:


Slumber party for the girlies:
We made Kool-Aid Lip Gloss,
Root Beer Floats,

And let girls . . . be girls ♥

Next on the list, VBS Week!
{Currently happening}

This year I'm Craft Leader, Sierra is Assistant Crew Leader for the Preschoolers {and doing a super awesome job!}, Kenners has graduated to the oldest group {sniffle, sniffle}, Kam is going off with her own group, like a big girl {not even needing her mama or sissies anymore}, and even Taylor is typically happy to be with Sierra in her Pre-school group. Ahhhhhh. Life is continually changing, isn't it??
 So. What's going on with y'all??  Busy Summers?
Winding down?
Ready for School?
Already started?

I want to hear about it!
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Jenny said...

I always enjoy your pics! What a great summer. We started back to school on the 4th, but we have our Branson vacation coming up in September. We're really looking forward to that.

I did take a pic of Abby's first day of 5th grade, I'll have to send it to you. Oh, can you send me your email address. I got a new laptop and the contacts didn't move over correctly. Thanks!

jennohara said...

Love all the photos! Looks like you guys are having a great summer. Keeping busy, that's for sure! I can't even handle all of the stuff going on around here - just at home! :D


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