Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Blue Skies & Sisters . . . Nothin' Better.

 It has been unseasonably GORGEOUS 'round these parts, and we can't get enough!

As soon as we're done with school for the day, we head outside to help Daddy with work projects,

or just to enjoy the glorious sunshine.

The other day the girls were swinging,

Tay had had enough . . .

So, the super cool big sissy that Kam is, she donned her helmet {yes, I realize that it should've been the other way around, lol!}, and took Tay for a spin in the wagon.

But after awhile, Kam got tired.  And, well, a little grumpy.

Because it's hard to be six, right?  Six is a tough age that comes with a LOT of hormones,

I'm finding out {or being reminded of . . . for the third time}.

But then the sweetest thing happened.

Tay found her, and proceeded to just BE THERE for her.
 She squeezed.
 She imparted some younger sisterly wisdom.

And soon, Kam's smile returned.
 Are sisters, like, the GREATEST thing in the world??

I know I'm blessed by mine, and my girls are blessed by theirs.
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Jenny said...

I love this! It is so precious! My sister is my best friend and I get so sad that Abby is an only child. Oh well :(

jennohara said...

Aww this is the sweetest!


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