Monday, March 30, 2015

Missing A Couple

We were supposed to spend last weekend at the beach with Jeremy's extended family.

I bought new My Little Pony activity books for the little girls.

We cleaned out the car.

I cooked {we were in charge of dinner one night}

And we packed our bags . . .

So it came as no surprise that the little girls started running fevers two days before the trip.

I prayed they'd get better fast, but no such luck.

So Jeremy took the big girls with him to Depoe Bay for the day.

And I got time with my littles.

By Saturday they were feeling a bit better, and I was determined to make their "at home" day

something special.

We started with coloring pages . . .

We love to color ♥

Then we decided that our "pets" needed appropriate pet beds.

A little duct tape, and an old storage container . . .  

And voila!  Pet Bed for Grumpy Cat:

We made one for Tay's pet too :)

The girls were on a roll by then, so we proceeded with these adorable
Q-tip Lambs ♥  

It was "the best craft day EVER!" according to Kam and Tay.

What a blessing to have some time alone with them. 

We've had such beautiful days, we just had to get out in it, at least for a few minutes.

Before heading outside I debated having Tay change out of her jammies, but . . .

you know, that's real life for us.  Jammy-clad three year olds has been the norm here for years!

We had so much fun together, but now I'm ready for everyone to feel better so we can proceed with our plans!

Hope you all have managed to stay well! 
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Jenny said...

What a bummer that you 3 missed the trip. However, it looks like the girls enjoyed the craft time. I hope everyone feels better soon! Happy Easter!


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