Monday, November 23, 2015

A DIY Christmas

It's holiday baking season, y'all.
{And gift-giving season as well, don'tchaknow}.
And if you're anything like me, you LOVE to be in the kitchen.

What I don't love? Spending a small fortune on ingredients.
So *sometimes* I make my own :)

It's super easy-peasy.

You should make some too.
And gift some.
Your friends will love you!
 All you need is:

* Vanilla Beans {I use Madagascar from Beanilla }
* Glass Bottles from Amazon
* Vodka
{I use the cheapie kind, and I make Jeremy buy it for me}

Just slice the beans down the middle, throw 'em in the bottle, and fill with Vodka.
You'll want to let them sit for a few weeks, and then give 'em to your bestest besties.
{and keep a few for yourself!}

Talk to me about your favorite homemade gifts! 

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Jenny said...

I bet that is really nice vanilla! I haven't really done DIY gifts. I do fill a tin with Christmas sugar cookies for one of my cousins. He's 17 and is hard to buy for, but he LOVES my sugar cookies. One year, he said that was all he wanted. So I make a batch for Christmas and a batch just for him.

Kimberly G said...

This sounds really good. I always want to make handmade gifts, but never end up doing it. Some year.


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