Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Camping Re-Cap

So. Summer is almost over, and from the looks of the ol' blog it seems as though we've done a big, fat nothing.
Not true.
We've actually been cramming in as much family fun time as humanly possible.
Which leaves very little time for documenting it, funny enough!
Last month, we made it to my family reunion camp-out!
I wasn't sure we would this year, with everything going on. 
We haven't missed a year in the 14 years we've been married ~ but we also hadn't suffered our second loss in four years before.
Life is so different now, it's almost unrecognizable.
I'm going to leave you with picutres.
It's my favorite way to tell a story, ya know:

There was plenty of bike-ridin.

There was some bug-catchin'.  Let me just tell you ~ these bugs that the boys catch for fishing are the biggest, ugliest suckers you can imagine! Ew!  But the fish love them!


There was a LOT of cousin bonding time.


Prizes were won,


Tournaments were played,

Snuggles were given.
 And at the end of the weekend, we wound up with another family photo for the books, and many, many, wonderful memories made.
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Jenny said...

That is great that you didn't miss the reunion. It looks like quite the event!


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