Saturday, August 20, 2016

Happy Birthday, Sierra Elizabeth

 Holy smokes, this tiny little chub muffin is 14 years old today.

 And I can't even tell myself, "Don't worry, Mama. She's not *quite* 14 yet, you still have ~insert number~ hours left before the clock strikes that magic number in which your baby is one.year.older."

Can't even say that to myself, because she was born at 5:50 am, and as I type this, at 6:30 in the morning, she is *already* 14.
It's already done.

{2009 ~ 7 years old}

{2010 ~ 8 years old}


 {2011 ~ 9 years old}
{2012 ~ 10 years old}

{2013 ~ 11 years old}
 {2014 ~ 12 years old}

 {2015 ~ 13 years old}

Miss Sierra, it truly seems like a minute ago that you were my little girl ~ losing your first tooth, learning how to ride a bike.

And now, here we are, two blinks later, and you are about to start high school, taller than your mama!
It seems I am constantly caught between sadness that you are growing older, and complete joy: marveling at the young woman you have become, enjoying the time we have together, excited for your future.

You are:

Strong and determined ~ you know exactly what you want, and often how to go about getting it.

Organized and detailed ~ you will run a mighty tight ship one day! You expect a lot of others, but I suspect it's because you expect a lot of yourself.  You have a love of all things organizational.  Pretty bins, storage containers, papers, and pens. 
Everything has its place, and there's a place for everything.
Your favorite tool is your checklist.

Poised and mature ~ You've always seemed beyond your years. You are a born leader, and your sisters look up to you.

Thoughtful and giving ~ You love giving gifts ~ Picking out treasures for others.  And you are the first to get your Thank You notes done!

You love:

Summer days spent by the creek.
Reading a good book.
Taking care of animals.
Dinner out.
Hunting with Daddy.
Crafting with Mama.
Time in the kitchen.
Dreaming of vacation.


We are so very proud of the young lady you are becoming.
Happy Birthday, Darlin'!
We love you to the moon!
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Kimberly G said...

That's fun, seeing how much kids change over the years. Kind of sad in a way. My daughter just turned 9 & started 4th grade.


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