Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Confessions Of A Not-So-Fabulous Mom

Last night I was on the phone to my mom. We were deep in conversation so Sierra, of course, sees this as an opportunity to start asking a million questions. "Who're you talkin' to? What does Nana want? When's Daddy going to be home? Can I paint my fingernails?" Sneaky how she fits that last question in, so nonchalantly. So I nod and wave her off to the bathroom. I mean, she's six years old, surely she can handle such a task without me hovering over her, right? Fifteen minutes later I was in the bathroom running water for Kenners bath, and I notice three bottles of nail polish on the counter. Two of them had their tops on, one did not. The top for the third was nowhere to be found, actually. "Um, Sierra, where's the top to this nail polish bottle?" (Looking down at the floor) "Uh, it fell" (Me searching the floor for splattered nail polish) "Where?" "In the nail polish remover." . . .

Sure enough, floating in the bottle of now-pink nail polish remover was the top to the polish. Well, it could've been worse. Moral of the story: Don't get so lost in a phone conversation that you can't keep an eye on a six year old with nail polish.

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Amber said...

If THAT'S your not so fabulous mommy story, then props to you girl. You don't want to hear any of mine. :)

And yes, it could have been WAAAY worse!


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