Friday, March 27, 2009


Okay, after reading my last post (which I've recently deleted), I realized that I came across as more concerned about weight loss vs. actually getting healthy. Since this is not true, I figured it'd be best just to start over, that way there is no confusion. So here it goes . . .

Folks, I want to get healthy. Am I hoping that I lose a few pounds because of it? YES! Am I okay if I don't? YES. I am, of course, nursing my 2 month old, and her health is of utmost importance to me.

My sincerest THANKS! goes out to Amber for initiating the Extreme Makeover: Me Edition, Challenge. No more trips to the kitchen for Oreos in the middle of the night, no more finding excuses for not exercising. Nope, it's time to get healthy and in shape. Won't you join me?


onegirliegirl said...

Let's go girl!!! Healthy! Healthy! Healthy! Just keep saying it to yourself ;)

xoxo Lisa

Cara said...

Sounds good! I just cut out junk to get rid of my baby pounds. My goal is to be 5 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight by the time the baby's 6 months old. I have 3 lbs to go, and 1-1/2 months :) I keep an extra 5 lbs on when I'm breastfeeding so that when they hit a growth spurt I'm not absolutely starving.

Amber said...

See?? I missed this one!! Thanks for the shout out! I'm seriously SO glad I've met you and SO glad you're joining in.

I think we'd rock as friends in real life. :)


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