Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Me Edition, Week 8

Here we are, it's Wednesday once again! You know what that means . . . the walk of {weigh-in} shame. No, really, are you wanting to feel better about yourself? Get healthy? Tone that unsightly flabbity flab flab? If you answered, YES, you're going to want to skip on over to Amber's {skipping is known to burn more calories than plain ol' walking don'tcha know}, and read all about other inspiring ladies who are making over themselves. Then, join our lovely group, write a post of your own, and link up! It's easy as pie {er, celery sticks!}

I'm feeling okay about last week. I dusted off the ol' Pilates DVD. In all honesty, it's not my favorite form of exercise, but I did feel good about doing it. I also tried to get myself back on track after a lot of indulging on our Sunriver trip {not to mention all the Mother's Day chocolate, etc.}. So . . . I'm slowly getting there. Back on track, I mean. It's a process, people. I cannot eat 4200 pieces of chocolate one day and deprive myself of any, the next. That's not how I roll. Slowly, but surely, I am saying no to the chocolate and yes to healthier options.

This Week's Question:

Name your guilty pleasure. Think of a healthier choice you could use as a substitute.

Hmmm... I don't like to substitute (just kidding. But, actually, I'm not). I guess, if anything, I try to eat a little less of my guilty pleasure. I'm finding that I'm not actually an ice cream gal. I mean, I'll take it, but it's not my favorite sweet. So, I'll try to remind myself that if I don't LOOOOVE it anyway, why spend the extra calories on it. If I'm eating a salad, maybe I'll try to put less dressing on it. As for the chocolates that I've been inundated with. They are good. Really good. Well, it seems my daughters (and husband!) think so too. So instead of eating them all myself, I go the "Of course you can have a chocolate" route. That way I'm being a good, sharing, mom, AND I'm not consuming all of those calories on my own. Win-win :)

Results: I lost allllllmost a pound. .8 lb., I guess. And I'll take it. Now that I'm getting much closer to my pre-pregnancy weight, my goal weight, the weight is a little slower in coming off. I'm still nursing (and will continue for a long time, I imagine), so that will probably keep an extra pound or two on. For me, it's not all about pounds lost. I'm eating better, making wiser choices, and exercising more. That is far more important, to me, than 1/2 pound here and there.

Go on over to Amber's (skipping is optional), and join in on the fun!

Until next week . . .

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~Mrs Sandy~ said...

Just stopping by from SITS and wanted to say hello!!! You have a great blog. I was surprised how much we had in commone. Anyhow, I hope you don't mind me following you:)
Hugs, Sandy

jenjen said...

Good job on the 1 pound. Great job! I am not an ice cream kind of girl either. For me it's all about the salty snacks.

Great job on getting closer to your pre-pregnancy weight!


That Girl said...

I dont really do ice cream either so I know what you mean.
great job!

3 Peas in a Pod said...

That's great Liz!! .8 lbs. is great but eating and living healthier is even better!! You are so funny. I love your posts.

Good luck this week!

Much love from NJ,

Vivienne said...

Good job on your .8
You are a better mama that I to share the "good" chocolates. (Perhaps that's why you've lost a little weight but my pants only got smaller...?)

Xazmin said...

You are so cute! I don't like ice cream too much either.

Did you ever see my post on AmberLyn chocolates? Go to their website Their chocolate is seriously yummy and it's made for diabetics so no added sugars. I know it sounds gross, but it's really very good! It's how I get my chocolate fix without all the calories!

Kelly said...

I just started a pilates dvd today. It was challenging but hopefully I'll start seeing results. But right after working out i had a couple of pieces of chocolate. I can't resist either. At least I'm cancelling out the calories somewhat.

onegirliegirl said...

Way to go Liz!! You just keep on going!! How nice to see a loss on the scale AND stay healthy, kwim?!

I'm with you...reduce the amount. I just can't think of good substitutes.

What do you mean you can't eat 2400 pieces of chocolate and then stop...sheesh, I could do that in my sleep...LOL!

xoxo ~Lisa

Jen said...

It takes quite a committed mother to share her chocolate - good for you! :) Keep up the good work!

Connie Weiss said...

Great job on the .8! It is so much better than NOTHING!

Keep up the good work and have a wonderful week!

Amber said...

You are so cute. Great job on the .8 pounds. It's better than gaining .8!

I definitely AM an ice cream girl. But if we don't have it, I don't eat it. So that's good. I usually don't buy it. But this last week we have had it. But I don't like the kind I got this time, so that helps too.

Now, today, I've had a teeny bit of a milkshake left over from last night, a Wendy's frosty, and one more in the freezer. lol. Yay for getting your wisdom teeth out?? I did freeze a applesauce cup so that I could eat something cold & yummy that wasn't going to make me fat.

Have a great week!

~~Mel~~ said...

You are doing awesome!

I'm not a fan of pilates either...but it is a very good workout...just not really 'fun' I guess. lol.


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