Saturday, December 19, 2009

Should I just call this Flashback Saturday???

Another week, another missed pregnancy journal. It's not that I forgot. There was just too many other things going on ;) So, here we go again. Flashback Saturday: Pregnancy Journal Week 29

{originally submitted December 23, 2008}

Week 29 ~ A White Christmas

We are working on week two of extreme winter weather here in the Northwest. We have enjoyed snow (and more snow!), freezing rain, and ice over the last week and a half, with no real break. Thank goodness I had finished my Christmas shopping the week before, because, other than a quick trip to the grocery store, we have been snowed in!

It’s been a fairly uneventful week around here, mostly filled with sledding and snowman-building. The girls love playing in the snow. Sierra would stay out in it all day long if I let her. It seems Makenna has finally come down with Fifths Disease. I had thought she had already had it, but I was proven wrong. It started with very rosy cheeks about a week ago, and has resulted in quite the rash, but other than that it doesn’t seem to be bothering her.

Due to the unexpected winter weather, we’re not sure of our plans for Christmas. We will, of course, enjoy our own little Christmas morning here at home, and then head to Jeremy’s parents mid-morning (they live right up the road) to celebrate with them. However, my brother and sister and their families live in Portland, and may have a hard time driving out to my parents (who live right next door) on Christmas day if we don’t get a break from the snow and ice. It looks like we will have to wait and see!

Baby girl (that’s right, still no name for this little princess!), remains as active as ever. Now that space is limited, she’s doing more stretching than kicking. The days of somersaults are over! Sierra and Makenna get a kick out of watching my tummy move, and they love talking to her. They tell her “goodnight” every night, and greet her every morning. They’ve even started finding their own “treasures” around the house that they think she might like, and have wrapped them in Christmas paper to set under the tree. They want to make sure she has presents on Christmas morning as well. They are so sweet!

Wishing you the most special Christmas ever, full of memories and celebration!


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Foursons said...

Watching your belly move when a baby is inside of it is the most amazing thing. I miss that! Not enough to have another one though of course.


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