Thursday, December 23, 2010

♥ Countdown to Christmas 2010 ~ Week 4 ♥

Countdown to Christmas

Welcome to Week 4 of Countdown to Christmas! I hope this month has been a special one full of memories for all of you.

If your family is anything like ours, you are frantically wrapping the rest of the gifts, running to and fro to find that last forgotten gift {oops!}, trying to calm a few overly excited children who can't WAIIIIIIIIIIIT for Christmas, baking a few hundred dozen cookies, and trying to plan and organize for a very busy Christmas day.


So, because we're ALL busy, I'm going to try to be concise here. {If you know me well, you know that's not usually a possibility for me}.


Week 4 Recap:

Last Thursday we made cute little snowman candy cane holders.

Friday was Sierra's dance recital. I was SO proud of her. She is the youngest in her Jazz class, and she keeps up with the other dancers and choreography just beautifully. I got teary during the recital realizing that she isn't one of the "tiny little dancers" anymore. She is a a real "big girl" dancer now. Sigh.

Saturday the girls baked cookies at Nana's house. Aunt Nat and cousin Kuaile came over to help!


Sunday was the Christmas program at church. We haven't been involved for the last couple of years {still in prayer about a church home}, but it is such fun to watch the other little ones onstage.

And afterward was a donut fry. Enough said.

Monday we went into town to finish up the last of the Christmas shopping. We had thought we were pretty well done, but it seems we always have at least one surprise.


Tuesday we went out to look at Christmas lights. Each year we visit a local Christmas display, and it is always amazing. The girls were in awe, as you can imagine.

Wednesday was our "spa day". I try to do one for the girls every so often. We painted fingers, had a foot soak, and then painted toes.


And today we will watch a couple of Christmas specials that we haven't gotten to see yet this year {Charlie Brown is at the top of the list}, and wrap the last {fingers crossed} of the presents. Christmas Eve day is always jam packed for us. I hope to bake Santa's cookies in the morning, then we usually head to Grandma and Grandpa's {Jeremy's parents} in the afternoon to watch previous years' Christmas home videos. After that we'll stop by Nana and Grandpa's {my parents} to have a quick visit. Then it's home {hopefully early in the evening}, and the girls get to open one present on Christmas eve {new jammies}.


So much for being concise ;) Link up your activities, crafts, outings, etc. below!


Wishing you all a Christmas filled with memories, and most importantly, the Holy Spirit.

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Becca said...

Wow- sounds like an incredibly busy week - I love the girl's matching dresses!!

I hope you have an amazing Christmas!!


Catherine Anne said...

Its been too long. How wonderful it is to catch up with you! Merry Christmas!

Foursons said...

We open pj's on Christmas Eve too. :)

I love the girl's dresses. Almost makes me long for a baby girl...almost.

Have a wonderful Christmas Liz!

Impulsive Addict said...

Love those candy cane holders!

Aww..the dance recital looked like fun!

I've never had a fried donut but if you wanna send me one, I'll definitely try it out! ;)

Have a great Christmas~

Connie said...

What a fun week! I need to add a spa day in next year....except I think it will be just for mommy and away from the house.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Your Christmas Eve sounds a lot like ours...busy, busy, busy! I love the girls' matching dresses:) And I am so jealous of your spa day! One of these days I am going to come join you! I hope you have a great Christmas Liz!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Well, now I am exhausted. ;)
LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos of your beautiful girls. I hope your Christmas day affords you some time to put your feet deserve it.
Merry Christmas!!!

Miller Racing Family said...

Sounds like you all have been very busy. I love the girls,matching dresses and the photo of all of you looking at the lights is priceless.
I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

MomBrose said...

Wish I could have participated but it's so fun to read along!
Love those dresses! Where did you find 3 in the right sizes? We have had a hard time since Reagan jumped into the "big girl" sizes. :(
Hope you have a fantastic (*and healthy) Christmas eve!!

Jenny said...

What a great week you all had! The girls look so pretty in their matching dresses!

I'm sorry I wasn't able to link up this week, but we've been having fun and keeping busy!

Merry Christmas!

Jessica said...

Merry Christmas! I love the picture of you with your girls! How cute that you do spa days with them!

Rachel Sue said...

I love Christmas traditions like that. That is really what makes Christmas so wonderful.

Seizing My Day said...

Sweet post... it is fun to see the family love overflow in this crazy land o blog during this season... (not that I have been on much in the last 30-50 days!! ha ha)

We just found a church we are pretty sure will be our "home church" ... the place God has for us...just in the last 3 months.... after years of looking ...battling big churches and small churches that just didn't "feel" right... after moving to my home town in late 04... Finally in 2010 we feel at home... ALL 4 of us!! =) I know there was a lesson in that journey and growth... though painful growth for me... *sigh* =) anyway... I don't know your full story... but I did just leave that place... =)


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