Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I finally got around to going through 4 million camping photos.  {Am I the only one who has a hard time keeping up with photo organization?  I'm thinking I take too many pictures.  And then I wonder . . . is there such thing as too many?}

We headed out Wednesday morning, but made a few stops before getting out of town.

012 Copy

Kenners, Kam, and Taylor stayed in the truck with me while Jeremy and Sierra grabbed some ice.  We fueled up, and then were on our way!

020 Copy

Can you guess what the girls did immediately after arriving?

025 Copy

This one's for you, Connie ;)  Okay, so it's not a squirrel, but a chipmunk.  Close enough, yes?

042 copy

We spent our days visiting and crafting.  The girls loved decorating their own flip flops.

048 copy

The boys fished ;)

051 copy

There was some lovin' on babies.

069 copy

And once the cousins got to camp . . .

074 copy

Watch out!  There was!

079 copy

And a lot of hugs and smooches .  .  .

094 copy

Are these the cutest little girls ever???

097 copy

Kam cannot get enough of Mona.

098 copy

Little lovies.

136 copy

Oh yeah, and what would a camp-out be without S'mores???

We made our own version.  Skipped the graham crackers and chocolate and used chocolate chip cookies ;)

145 copy

Our view of the lake.

184 copy

And, oh yes, the girls had a splashin' good time!

185 copy

186 copy


199 copy

At our auction a favorite aunt passed out glow-in-the dark fun! 

203 copy

This little pumpkin . . . she was born to camp!  She did fabulous!  Not a peep out of her.  What a sweetie!
{And is it just me, or does someone look a little chunkier??  Little muffin is growing!}


So, talk to me about your camping trips!  Your favorite parts, least favorite parts.  Traditions. 

That's my favorite part, the tradition of it.  We look forward to my reunion camp out each year.  It would have been pretty easy to cancel this year.  With a brand new baby, and a lot of unexpected illness.  But I know how important it is to my children.  I hope to start more traditions.  I just love them!

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Jenny said...

What a fun trip!

I am not a camping person at all. I don't like outside that much and am afraid of bugs. I think it's cool that you go camping though. I used to be able to go on float trips, but I don't know how I did that!

MiMi said...

That looks SOOOO fun!!!! What wonderful pictures. I have a hard time with storing and separating my pictures too. LOL!
There's no such thing as too many, though, for sure.
So where did you all camp?? Looks so pretty!

Rachel Sue said...

Just so you know, you are my hero. Camping with a brand new baby? Seriously girl. You are amazing.

Abra said...

i'm soooo impressed you took all the kiddos camping. i grew up camping but haven't done it since we had kids!!! i'm intimidated by the lack of sleep part, kiddos getting up when the sun rises and stuff. not to mention i'm not a good co-sleeper. ;) but you are definitely inspiring me to try it out!

that fish is huge that they caught! and i love that you did crafting even while camping. :)

JamieMoore said...

That sounds like such a great weekend!! We love to camp too!! You are such a brave soul taking a brand new baby. I hope you guys had a camper or trailer to sleep in.

The girls are cute!! My favorite picture is the one where they girls are bike riding, so cute! I remember doing that when I was little. This totally makes me want Kaya to grow up faster! :0)

shortmama said...

What a great time you guys had! Love the flip flop craft!

Camping is one of my all time favorite activities. Seriously I could do it every weekend. Unfortunately the last 3 years we havent been able to go! The last two has been due to Levi being out of town for work. I miss it so much and am hoping that next spring/summer we can make it happen!

♥Amber Filkins: Silver Lining♥ said...

SO fun! I love looking at all of the pictures. Your girls are just so adorable. Saylor was looking at the pictures with me, and she was asking all about your girls. When I told her that the baby was "Taylor Grace", she got this super surprised look on her face and shouted, "I'm SAYLOR Grace!" :) So cute.

Thanks for sharing, looks like you guys had so much fun!

And yes, she does look chunkier! I was thinking that before you mentioned it.

♥ Amber

Kelli said...

I've never been camping but it looks like a fun time...the view is amazing! So glad Taylor did well. Kam are her cousin and simply captured some great moments of them.

Jessica said...

Looked like a lovely location. Your babies are so precious! I have to go read back now too see the birthday pictures!

I don't care for the act of actually camping and being stinky but the fun time with friends/family and the memories for the kids make it worth it.

Jessica said...

Oh, the lake pictures are so pretty!

MomBrose said...

You are AMAZING to go camping so soon!! Those pictures are great!! Yes, I was going to say that miss Taylor looks like she's filling out nicely :) I'm sure she's up to birth weight now :)
Love the smores cookie idea. might have to steal that one. Looks like good weather too! Yay!!
I took 700 pics on vacation, so I know what you mean :)

We're hoping to camp next month but it might have to wait until October. It's definitely a tradition of ours though :)

Connie Weiss said...

I love love love that when my friends see rodents....they think of me!!


That camping looks kind of fun!

What a good baby!

Anonymous said...

Those are some great vacation photos! The ones of Kam & Mona are just adorable! They look like they were as thick as thieves! :o)

And what a great catch! We always fish when we camp too, but we never catch anything quite that big!!! Awesome!!

I love traditions, too. In fact, we probably have too many of them. It's hard to keep up! :o) But I know you're glad you went...looked like a fabulous time!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, there is nothing better than cousin time. I love all the photos of these sweet/adorable kiddos. Yes, lil' muffin is filling out and that is a good thing.
We are not big on is just too darn hot and too many bugs here in our neck of the woods. I did camp a lot as a kid in the mountains much fun.
Take care, Suz

Caseybumpinalong said...

Wow! These are fabulous photos!! Looks like a wonderful time! Love the glow in the dark masks!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

What a fun trip and what an awesome view! I want to go their one day:) I love flip flops and the s'mores with chocolate chip cookies is so smart!

Miller Racing Family said...

We are not really campers! But I think if we joined you on a trip like this it would be a blast. Your photos were amazing!


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