Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We All Scream!

We're trying to get into the summer spirit here {despite the low temps, and RAIN, phooey!}, and nothing says summer like . . . homemade ice cream!!

It's super easy to make, and delicious to eat!

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All you need is: 1 Tbsp. Sugar, 1/2 Cup of Milk  1/4 tsp. Vanilla  6 Tbsps. Rock Salt  1 Pint Size Ziploc Bag
1 Gallon Size Ziploc Bag  and  Ice

{We added caramel to one batch, and it was SO yummy!}

Fill the gallon size bag half way with ice, then add the rock salt.  In the pint size bag pour in the sugar, milk, and vanilla.  Seal the bag and place inside the gallon size bag.  Then start shakin' it.  You're only supposed to have to shake it for 5 minutes, but it took us at least 10 minutes to get the ice cream to set up.  I guess we're not very efficient at shakin'!

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It is seriously the yummiest treat ever!  And so much fun for the kiddos.

So . . . . I'm curious.  What kinds of kid-friendly summer fun have you been up to?  Any recommendations for other simple fun summer treats that children can help with?  I need some inspiration :)
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Kelli @ RTSM said...

Yum! We have a fun ice cream making ball that I bought a few years ago on clearance. We've only used it once though! I may have to give your recipe a try in it:)

Jenny said...

I've always wanted to make this with Abby and keep forgetting!

So fun!

MiMi said...

We did that this summer at a cheese factory in california. The kids loved it!
Seriously, with the rain. I'M SO DONE!

Jessica said...

Off subject... Kam's hair is so cute!!

MomBrose said...

Never thought of using a ziploc! That's genius! We have an old fashioned ice cream bucket that you crank but the kids lost interest in it pretty quickly last summer so now it just sits on my fireplace with a silk plant in it :)

We love to make yogurt pops. You take an ice cube tray or a popsicle tray and add just fresh yogurt and fruit. Then put it in the freezer with sticks in it. You can do the same with fresh juices (no sugar) and we have even mixed tea with fruit and made teapops.

Summer is also our time to run around in the sprinklers, and eat lots of frozen blueberries (with a toothpick). It's hot here. Have I mentioned that before?

Connie Weiss said...

We tried this a couple years ago. I don't think we had that much fun doing it because we never did it again.


Foursons said...

Yum, I love homemade ice cream! Are things starting to settle down for you with the new princess in the house?

Rhonda said...

Yummy! I had my hubby, the science teacher come to my pre-k class and make it with them. They loved it. Gorgeous photos!


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