Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day Trip

This summer is reminding me a little bit of last summer.  And that's not sayin' a lot.  Same kind of weather {crummy}, and we haven't really done anything too exciting {you know, besides the typical: building a house last summer, and having a baby this summer}.

I didn't want the summer to pass us by without us getting out of the house and enjoying it!  I already see that the countdown until school starts has begun :(  And that just makes me sad.  So . . . we decided to take a little day trip to Enchanted Forest; a fun little theme park about an hour south of us.  We packed a picnic lunch, a couple of cousins came along {and even our favorite boys: Daddy and Gramps}, and we hit the road!

{This is an annual trip, by the way!  I love traditions, remember?  You can see our Enchanted Fun from past summers by clicking HERE  and HERE  and even HERE}


Kam has been several times, but she doesn't remember it.  We told her there were slides, so the whole.entire.way.there she was talking about the "shoe slide".  She was pretty excited.


I'm so glad I got a quick shot of the kiddos before we ran off to ride rides and explore.  Our sweet cousin, Sadie {2nd from left}, just turned 14, so we celebrated her birthday, and she brought her friend.  I know I've mentioned this before, but I ♥ LOVE ♥ the way Kam always keeps an eye on her big sissies to see how they're responding in every situation.  I think it's adorable.

This shot cracks me up.  Kenners decided to be brave and go through the haunted house with Daddy.  Sierra was giving her a hug "in case she never saw her again". LOL!


Just had to snap a photo of sweet Taylor Grace.  Typically I'm holding her and I'm the one with the camera, so she doesn't always make it in the shots ;)  She slept the entire time.  She loves the sling and Ergo. 
Kam rode the train with Nana while the older ones hit the bumper cars.


Hey! No Head-On Bumping!  Got it?  {They take all the fun out of it, don't they?}
It wasn't all that warm, but that didn't deter the girls from going down the log ride!  Poor Daddy and Gramps were bullied into going too ;)

Sissy didn't even wear her sweatshirt!


And finally the Ice Mountain Bobsled.  Even Kam got to go on that one!

We had such a fun day.  Okay, now tell me about your favorite day trip.

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Jenny said...

What a great day! All of the kids are so cute.

Our favorite day trip is probably a day at the zoo.

MiMi said...

What's really awesome is I have a lot of pictures that look like that from Enchanted Forest! We're hitting it in August, an annual tradition with my inlaws. LOL Of course it will be 8000 degrees by then and I'll want to kill someone by the time we hike up and down the hills...but it's all fun. :)
The boys LOOOOOOVE the shoe slide. LOVE.

Connie Weiss said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

I don't like those one's where I get wet. Messes up my hair!

♥Amber Filkins: Silver Lining♥ said...

So fun! I can't believe that you need sweatshirts during summer! It's been super hot here. Well, actually not as hot as other summers, but the average is 100.

LOVE seeing pics of your girls! You should put one of you next time. :)

♥ Amber

mountain mama said...

fun, fun. well, we went to the library. seriously, this OK heat is NOT fun!!!!

Foursons said...

Glad y'all got to go back this summer. The girls are getting so big and Taylor is growing bigger in every picture you post of her. Does she favor one of the other girls?

Mandy said...

hey, we'll be headed up there soon! my kids have never been, but i bought tickets on an online auction awhile ago:)

Busy Bee Suz said...

The photos show so much fun and LOVE. Love it. :)
I have a day trip tomorrow....but it is only driving.....
To the lake and back. Glad you are all doing well and enjoying the remnants of summer. IT is going quickly.

jennohara said...

Looks like everyone had a great day!! I totally understand Taylor not being in any pics...Hailey's always attached to me somehow too, therefore behind the camera. :)

Kelli said...

That looks like a great day trip. Kam is just so adorable...I can't believe how fast she's growing. I love those boat rides...they were my favorite growing up.

MomBrose said...

So fun! Such great memories for the girls ;)
We love to do SeaWorld as a day trip :)

Jessica said...

Looks like everyone had fun! Cute pictures!

Miller Racing Family said...

What a blast. I love the spooky house photo. That bright train looks so cute. This looks like an amazing day trip. Have a great weekend!


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