Monday, August 15, 2011

Beach Trip, Part 1

So, we've had the busiest couple of weeks ever.  The night we got home from our Crane Prairie camping trip was Jeremy's birthday.  We didn't get to have much of a celebration because we were running around here like crazy trying to unload the trailer, do 3400 loads of laundry, and get everything put away.  But we did manage to have a little cheesecake and open presents, and Jeremy had insisted all week that our camping trip was his birthday present. 

Saturday was filled with more laundry, a quick grocery shopping trip, and then getting ready for Jeremy's grandparents' vow renewal
We celebrated until 9:30 Saturday night. 
I know. 
We're party animals. 
Then it was home, and off to bed.

Sunday was the picnic/anniversary party, and then we raced home to pack for . . .

The Beach!!!

We have been looking forward to a beach trip for a very long time.  Our last trip was May 2010, so we were long overdue.


We like to stop for lunch at Camp 18 on our way to Seaside.


And there was no keeping these girls off the sand when we arrived. 


They were so excited to be there.


There was a LOT of sandcastle building.


A lot.


Gramps wrote the girls' names in the sand.


I couldn't get enough of these cute little fingers just digging in the sand.


Sweet Miss Tay slept through a lot of it.


Snug and warm in the Ergo.


Even Nana got her feet wet ;)


Once they found the water . . .


It was almost impossible to get 'em out! 

We had such fun!  Jeremy had to work part of the time, so he didn't get to join us until Tuesday.  Luckily the beach is only about an hour and a half from Jeremy's station.  He surprised the girls by 9am.  We were so happy to see him.

Stay tuned for day two at the beach . . .

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Valerie said...

Looks this the Pacific Northwest? Do you swim in the ocean there? Looks so peaceful and relaxing!

Foursons said...

For some reason Kam's blond hair really stands out in these shots. :) I love the sister picture- you are framing it right?!

Anonymous said...

You guys never slow down, do you? Sounds like you've had an unbelievable summer, though! I miss being able to just get in the car and head to the beach!

Jessica said...

So fun!! The Ergo looks like a great invention. I wish I had one wihen Harbor was a baby- Taylor looks comfy!

Jenny said...

First of all, I love their Naartjie clothes! Abby has the set Kam has on. The baby looks so cute in the little set!

These are great pics. You look beautiful, as always!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

That sounds like such a fun time! You have been party animals this summer:) I love all the pics in the sand!

MomBrose said...

You guys have been BUSY! :) We are beach lovers too. We're heading there next week as a last "hurrah" before school starts. I love that last pic!

MiMi said...

That's something we haven't got to do this summer...I'm gonna make my hubs do it. He hates the coast. Whatever!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I have no idea how you fit in SO much fun this summer....and you GAVE birth. :)
Looks lovely and a little different for me to see people at the beach with jackets on. :)

michelle ellis said...

What a special day! Your girls are so beautiful! I love those silver earrings!

Miller Racing Family said...

Now that looks like a blast. I agree I love the toes and fingernails in the sand and the photo of Grandpa writing their names in the sand is precious. Can't wait to see more photos.

Catherine Anne said...

I love the LOVE in this post and all the love in the photos.
You my friend are beautiful babywearing.
I know a lot of love in that message, lol~
So you said no warm air? Not yet. Wow, we have been up to 110 this summer. It was also lasting for near a week. Too hot for me. I am so thankful for the 90's after that. Oh well, we always seem to miss what we have not had for some time. One more reason I "love" how the seasons change. As one season ends, it makes the next on it's way even sweeter~

Connie Weiss said...

Was it cold? I can't tell...because it looks cloudy...

I love the beach. You are so lucky to live close to one.

Connie Weiss said...

And I loved seeing a picture of you Mama!


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