Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Love

Happy Birthday to my Love.

There's no one else in the world I'd rather grow old with.




{And, I'm sorry, but is there anything more attractive than a daddy with his girls?}

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♥Amber Filkins: Silver Lining♥ said...

Awwww, so sweet! Happy Birthday Jeremy!!

♥ Amber

MomBrose said...

I totally agree....nothing more attractive than a daddy with his girls :)

MiMi said...

That is SO sweet! Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

So true! That daddy-daughter bond is unbreakable!! :o) (Those with teenage daughters might disagree with me though....)

Foursons said...

Awe, your happy birthday post to your husband is much sweeter than mine was. Hahahha.

And yes, a daddy and his almost makes me want to try for one more baby. ALMOST.

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday! Those are great pics!

Jessica said...

Nothing to be sorry about!


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