Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beach Trip, Part 2

Beach Trip, Day 2

Jeremy joined us on Day 2, and we were so happy to see him.  It may not seem like a big deal, but for the better part of last year Jeremy was either working at the fire station, or building the house.  He was too busy to enjoy outings with us.  We are so thankful that he has a little more time this year.  A vacation just isn't the same without him.

Tuesday started out with a walk into town.  When we called to book reservations we were assured that it was a short walk to downtown.  Five blocks, I was told.  That's doable with little ones.  Uhhhhh, no.  Actually it was 16 blocks to town.  Anyway.

Once we got there, the girls headed straight for the carousel.

Kam thought it was the best!


Then off to the arcade.  I'm not much of an arcade person, but the girls enjoyed it for a short while. 

Even the daddy enjoyed it.


But then it got a little crowded.  A little loud.  A little obnoxious.  So we left.


Just in time for this little princess who was getting a tad hungry.
And speaking of princesses, Kam wore this pink crown the entire time. {In fact, she still is wearing it non-stop} She found it at the Osh Kosh outlet the first day at the beach, and wouldn't take it off.  She even wore it to bed, sweet girl.


After lunch it was more sand and surf.


This time in bathing suits.
In 68 degree weather.


That didn't seem to phase 'em.


Into the icy water they went.


With vigor ;)


And when we couldn't feel our toes any longer, we went back to the condo for warm showers, and to dress for dinner.  We traveled down the coast a bit to Cannon Beach.  We've never stayed there, but we almost always stop in for dinner.  The whole town is adorable.  Quaint little shops and restaurants everywhere, plus gorgeous views.  Jeremy even pulled over on the side of the road so that I could snap a few photos. 
Is that love, or is that love?


I love the beach.  Love.

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Foursons said...

Wow, what a gorgeous beach and I love that huge rock formation in the water. I thought that only existed in romance movies and novels.

And you need to stop Kam from growing up. She has lost all her baby fat and is looking so much like a big girl. *sigh* And her pink crown- LOVE IT.

How is it possible that it is only 68* where you are?

MiMi said...

You know you're from Oregon when:
68 degrees is cause for swimsuits at the beach. :)
Guess what? I conned, er talked, my hubs into a weekend at the coast! This weekend! YAY!!!!!

Jessica said...

Rock formation = fantasy land!! : ) Just gorgeous!

mountain mama said...

fun, fun, fun!!!! gotta love it :)

Our Homeschool Fun said...

Your beach pictures are beautiful, Liz! Glad you all had such a fun, happy time together.

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the beach! We live in SC, only a little over an hour from the coast, so we frequent the beach during the summer. It's honestly our favorite place to be.

68 degrees?? We were at our beach last week and the water was so warm it was like very warm bath water and we were sweating bullets the entire time--LOL! Your weather is awesome :-).

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love the beach photos...and it is 68 degrees??? wowza.
Kam so deserves that crown.
I always love seeing the photos of "daddy" with his girls; pure sweetness. Glad he has more time for all of you this year.

Jenny said...

Kam looks so adorable with that tiara. How cute!

68 degrees, that sounds freezing! I wonder what temperature the water was?

Those are great pics and it looks like you all had so much fun!

MomBrose said...

Such sweet pictures! I think kids are impervious to cold water. Seriously. We refilled our hot tub and the girls were in it within ten minutes. With cold, hose water. No thank you. :)

Love that rock formation. Might have to add that to our northwest tour. Love the crown too!! That's SO something one of my girls would do.

No pics of Taylor this time...I'll forgive ya this once :)

Jessica said...

That is totally love! Small things mean a lot!


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