Friday, August 24, 2012

Oaks Park 2012

I love tradition.
Whether it be something big like our family reunion camp-out each year, or something as simple as having girls night each night that Jeremy is at work.  I just love looking forward to something.
We have quite a few summer traditions.  One of the most special is our day trip to Oaks Amusement Park with Grandma.  The last few years we've taken the girls' cousin, Kolby, which has been wonderful.  He can ride on some of the rides that don't look so . . . inviting to Grandma or me ;)

This year we did a little "divide and conquer".  Geri took Sierra, Kolby, and Kenners to ride the bigger kid rides, and I took Kam and Tay to ride on the little rides {and also to eat snow cones}.

 Tay was pretty content to make her smoochie face at the birds


We met up for some ice cream


and a few photos


Then it was a few more rides before we headed home . . .


Roller coaster pictures make me smile :)

And so do summer traditions.

What are yours?

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Jenny said...

Kam looks so tall in that pic of her on the giraffe. Your girls are so beautiful! How fun to have cousin Kolby along. I bet he loved it!

What a great day!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I love these photos! Look at those happy faces....and the bird smooching face is pretty darn awesome too.
Our summer traditions? Wearing PJ's as long as you can. Sometimes that means 2 days. Ewwww.

Anonymous said...

I love the roller coaster pictures, too!!! Is that how you get out of riding them - by saying you're the photographer? :o)

We don't really have many traditions that aren't centered around holidays. I guess we are weird!

MiMi said...

Can you believe I've STILL never been there?!

Kelli W said...

So fun! I love the smoochie face:) And my goodness Kam looks so grown up sitting on that horse!


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