Thursday, November 7, 2013

November, already?

Well, hello there :)

Days are flying by at the speed of light, as usual.
We had a fabulous Halloween weekend, and are moving right along toward Thanksgiving.
How this is possible, I'm not sure. But my calendar doesn't lie.

Halloween night we Trick or Treated
{which is code for: we stopped by grandparents houses,
 and then stuffed ourselves on candy while watching The Great Pumpkin}


I think Kam was the only one of the girls who stuck with her original dress up idea :)

We came up with Sissy's costume idea, literally, an hour before heading out.
May I present: The White Witch from Narnia


Saturday evening was spent down at the church for the Harvest festival, which was SO much fun.
It was kind of quiet, but I won't lie, that's how we love it.
It was comfortable, and casual, and the girls belted out worship songs onstage.
Ahhhhh. Makes my heart happy.

So, what else?
Life has been busy with photo shoots, schooling, and the like.
But we managed to fit in a few photos for ourselves:

I call this, Christmas Card Photo, Take One . . .

My silly girls.

Next up?
Family is coming for a visit this weekend, and
cider-making is on the calendar for Saturday.
We can't wait!
I'm making chili, soup, bread . . . and of course, the main course will be cider ;)

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Jenny said...

Cute costumes!

Foursons said...

Oh that Miss Taylor. She is just too cute! I love the white witch. Y'all did great, I never would have guessed you threw it together last minute.


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