Friday, December 12, 2014

Countdown to Christmas 2014 ~ Day 11

On our eleventh day of Countdown to Christmas we were *supposed* to head to the Pittock Mansion with both the Nana and the Grandma.

But after a lot of discussion with the girls, most decided they'd rather do something else.

So we brainstormed.

And came up with a trip to the Oregon Garden for their "Christmas in the Garden".

Then came the weather forecast for high winds and rain . . .

So. Back to the drawing board again.

I asked the girls what they'd like to do . . .

And surprise, surprise, they wanted to go shopping!

Not necessarily a new, exciting adventure . . . but one that they enjoy <3 p="">

We picked up the Nana, and we picked up the Grandma . . . and we were on our way.

One of our first stops was Claire's. 

And as soon as we set foot inside, Kam was begging to have her ears pierced.

{I realize it looks like she's scared out of her mind in the above picture, but truly, she was so excited.}

Yep, there's the excited face!

Of course, when she heard the words "slight pinch", she worried a bit again. 

But two seconds later, it was done, and my smiley girl was ESPECIALLY smiley! 

She's been looking in the mirror to admire them about once every 1.8 seconds.
Tay found herself a little "makeup filled phone" that she's been toting everywhere. She thought I might want a photo of that ;)

And even one of all four... Not even a meltdown!!

  After we shopped and shopped, till we could shop no longer, we took a lunch break, and headed home before the winds whisked us away.

  We dropped of the Grandma and the Nana, changed into our comfiest Jammies, and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

How about you?? What have you been up to?
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Jenny said...

What a fun day! The girls are so adorable! Kam looks so happy to have her ears pierced. When we did Abby's, the lady grabbed another girl and they did both ears at the same time. I was glad for that, as I think she may have been afraid to do the other. LOL!


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