Monday, December 22, 2014

Counting Down . . . Only Days Away!

So . . . .  Time kinda got away from me.
And I sit down today to type out a "quick" post, and find that the "photo organizing fairy" did NOT do her job organizing my photos.  Slacker.

Well, anyway.

A run-down:
Monday's activity was Christmas shopping with Daddy!!!  Sadly, I didn't get any photos that day. But....

Tuesday we decorated a Gingerbread House, and I *did* manage to snap a few that day.  

My most favorite surprise that day... The Gingerbread House was ALREADY put together!! All we had to do was decorate. You can't understand how happy that made me - the mama who cannot, for the life of her, get a house to stick together.


Wednesday was spent making Gingerbread Men... Annnnd stars!!


On Thursday we drove out to my MIL's office to have hot cocoa and donuts with her (and also to answer her phone, and pound on her 10-Key).
And Thursday night we surprised the girls with a drive to a local light display.

One of our most favorite traditions, we look forward to browsing this awesome display each year.

Friday's activity was a Spaghetti Dinner and watching Elf :)  

And Saturday.
At last!!! Kam has been counting down the days until her recital since September!

Oh how my heart just melts when I watch my girls on stage. 
Kam looked so beautiful.
She just shines up there ❤️
  Sunday, after church, we baked!!

  Each year my mom, sister, and niece come out for a cookie baking party. This year my sister and niece couldn't make it 😢  But my mom came over, and we had fun, just us.

Whew! We are now in full countdown mode. Wrapping the last of our gifts. Enjoying a few more Christmas movies.

What have you been doing?
Hope you are enjoying every memory ❤️
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Sarah Shumate said...

We are ready! I'm so excited for tomorrow and Christmas! And in the UK, Friday is Boxing Day, so it's another holiday/day off work! :)

Poor Lexie, though. There's been huge holdups in UK customs for the past month, so she still hasn't received any of her Christmas presents from grandparents back home. I'm crossing my fingers they will arrive today or tomorrow!

Busy Bee Suz said... much fun. I agree, Kam is radiant on that stage; so beautiful!!! Wishing you and your family a beautiful Christmas!!!

Jenny said...

What a fun time! Let me tell you a gingerbread house secret Dave thought of: GLUE GUN! He glues the houses together before we decorate them. It saves so much time and sanity!

Connie W said...

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


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