Monday, May 18, 2015

Girls Days {AKA: When Dad is Away}

Well, it's May.

And around these parts, that means Bear Hunting Season.  Our year is pretty much broken up into hunting seasons:  Bear in the Spring, Elk in late Summer, and in the Fall . . . Well, the Fall is just one big collection of hunting seasons for Deer and Elk!

But, back to May. 
Jeremy almost always leaves sometime in May to go hunting for Bear.
And he did just that last week.

So, us girly girls were left to fend for ourselves, and what did we do?
All sorts of girly things, of course! {We try to dial down the girly just a liiiiiiiitle when poor Daddy is home, so when he's gone, we let loose}. 

There were sleep-outs in the living room.
{Even kitty joined us}. 
 There were pancake breakfasts in the morning.
 There was Barbie sewing going on.
Let me just take a minute to say that if you find a cute Barbie evening gown craft at your local craft store, and you think, "Hey, I'm no seamstress {at.all.}, but it is a KID'S craft, surely I can help pull this off" ... if that's what you're thinking, well, you're wrong.  You can't pull it off.  Just trying to save you the frustration and guilt right now.
 There was also some cooking classes being recorded :)

Makenna got a video camera for Christmas.  She loves to take video, and Sierra loves to be in front of the video.  It's a match made in Heaven! 

They were making up all sorts of recipes, and sharing craft ideas on their own little {pretend} YouTube channel!
 And there was even a little real crafting that took place for a Tea party that we attended yesterday.

I can't wait to share those photos, because we had So.Much.Fun!  We've decided that attending teas is our new, favorite pastime:

Getting to
dress up: Check
drink tea: Check
eat yummy sweets: Check
spend time with some of the most lovely ladies: Checkity Check Check!

And I am delighted to say that I even devoted some time to PHOTO ORGANIZATION!!!  I love photography so much.  And one of my favorite things to do is document our daily lives.  But my photo folders on my computer are out of control.  Completely.  When you take as many photos as I do {sometimes hundreds and hundreds a month!}, the editing, and organization can get away from you.  I think I do a fairly good job of keeping up with photos for the girls.  Each year, on each of their birthdays, I put together a photo book for each one.  But, these are books that they will {don't cry. don't cry.} take with them when they go. These are not photo books for ME.  So I am slowly, but surely trying to organize all of my photos from the last, oh, 8 or 9 years {I did manage to scrapbook up until Sierra was four, and Kenners was about 2, so I've got those whopping four years covered}.  And get them into books for myself.  I encourage you to do the same.  I know we love social media for sharing photos.  We have our phones, so we can take our precious photographs everywhere we go, with ease.  But printing those photographs.  Having something tangible as a memory.  Do it.  Even if it means starting right now, and slowly, slowly, working your way backward.  Or just start and move forward.  But, do it.  It will be so important, one day, for your children, and grandchildren to have access to these memories.  It's important now. 

Stay tuned.  I will be back soon with some tips for organizing.  And to outline what works for me.
 Until then,
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Jenny said...

Ok, I'm coming over for a girly sleepover party!

Yes, Barbie clothes are INSANE! Just spend the extra money and buy them at the store. LOL!


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