Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mother/Daughter Tea

Last weekend the girls and I got to attend the most fun tea ever!
My mother-in-law had been planning a mother-daughter tea at our church, which was special in itself, because sometimes us mamas of younger kiddos get left out of fun when we can't bring littles along.

She asked if the girls would be interested in participating in a "fashion show".
Since this tea was all about laughter and friendship, it was a very special kind of fashion show :)
Sierra had to wear a "dinner dress" complete with McDonald's wrappers.
Makenna wore a "slip over sweater" and "sunglasses".
Kam was decked out in her "tea dress", adorned with fragrant peppermint tea bags, of course.

And Miss Tay . . . well, she just got to sip tea, eat cupcakes, and spend time with her bestie.
Because you can't always count on three year olds to follow through with plans, ya know?
 The minute we got home, Sierra and Makenna were begging to plan another event soon.
 Because what little girl {or big girl!} doesn't love dressing up, sipping tea, yummy treats, and time spent with friends?
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Jenny said...

That looks like it was so fun! How cute!


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