Monday, May 4, 2015


 Goodness it feels like we do a lot of running these days.

And truthfully, I'm not even sure what keeps us so busy . . .

Life, I guess.

So, this is what's up in our neck of the woods:
{And I'm going to try to be better about updating more regularly because, well, my memory is shot!}

Back in January one of my dearest friends and I got together to chitty chat and let the girlies play, and we {read: ME} were rambling like we do, and got to talking about our love for organization.
For me, it's actually a love of the idea of organization, because, try as I might, I just cannot actually BE organized.

I told her how I'd longed for an Erin Condren planner forever, and she had to look them up to see what the fuss was about.  Our day went on, they had to go home, and later that night I check my email to see that SHE GIFTED ME A CREDIT TO BUY MY OWN PLANNER.


I'm kind of still speechless about that. 
Friends are the sweetest, aren't they??  I am so so blessed by mine.

Anyway.  Fast forward. 

Like the Unorganized person I am, it took me a few months to make the purchase.
I know.  I'm a dork.

But I did! 
And I received my planner the other day:

It's a little ridiculous how much I love this thing.

There is SO much space to write every little detail of your day.
{Which is helpful for me, or else I forget!} 

There are stickers in the back {who doesn't LOVE stickers?? Who?}
A pouch to hold your extras . . .
It is wonderful!

Here's to organization!

In other news, the weather has been delightful.

THIS is the kind of Spring I love.

Oregon has had some pretty wet Springs over the last several years, but this year has completely made up for it.  Blue skies and sunshine, Ahhhhhh!

Which means . . . BBQing!

Salmon on the grill . . . is there anything yummier??

And a baked potato bar to accompany.

And then, once the kitchen in cleaned up, and {some of us are} in our jammies:

Daddy starts a fire . . .

We haul out the marshmallows . . .  

And get to roastin'!

Then we giggle, and cuddle,

And fall asleep by the fire.
 {Hehehe, just kidding.  I think Tay's exact words were: "Mama take a pitcher of me while I 'tend to sleep".  Silly girl}.
 Looks like it's going to be another gorgeous day!
I'd better get movin'.

What's in your planner for the day? :)
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Jenny said...

Wonderful pics! It is so funny that I opened this post up about the planner, because I have that website open too! I was just taking a look at what was so special about the planners that they are so expensive!

Today we just have school to do, but the rest of the week we have appointments, errands and lunch out a few days!

Heather said...

So good to see the girls and catch up a little on your sweet blog. Unbelievable how fast they grow! I love your planner. I have drooled over erin condoner for years. I like paper and pen. My phone calendar is just not. the. same. :)


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