Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Wedding Story

 June is busy, y'all. 
Well, actually, May was too. 
I'm pretty sure we've been out of town more than we've been at home the last few weeks.

Time to play catch up 'round here!

We made a trip to Medford for my cousin's wedding last week, and we had such fun!
The drive: not fun.
None of us are great car travelers, myself included, and Medford is about a 5 hour drive for us.
Add to that two severe car sickies, and yeah. 
Car rides turn out a little more eventful than necessary.
But we made it to sunny southern Oregon!

I miss Medford.
I truly do.
While I didn't grow up there, I did spend several of my teen/early adult years there,
and I have so many wonderful memories.  Annnnnnd. A lot of my family still live there.
Which brings me back to my cousin's wedding :)

I am not a wedding photographer, but I was so happy to be able to stop by the country club
to take a few photos of  the beautiful bride-to-be as she and her best girls got ready for the big day.

Mackenzie has always been special to me. Each Summer she would come home with us after our family reunion camp-out, to spend some time. She was just Sierra's age when we started that tradition.  Which makes it even harder to believe that she is all grown up!

Her wedding shoes.
I don't do heels , she says ;)

Her beautiful mama, and little sister ♥  

Her precious son seeing Mama all beautified for the big day.

And Daddy and son getting themselves ready, sweet boys!

 And some cousin-time for my littles to boot!
 Yep, it was a pretty fabulous trip.
Which is great because . . . we're doing it again in three weeks for another cousin's wedding!

For other fun photos, follow along on Instagram!

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Jenny said...

Beautiful pics! You SHOULD be a wedding photographer! Yikes about having to go again in 3 weeks. Have your kids tried SeaBands? Abby would get car sick sometimes and she said they work. Good luck!


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