Tuesday, June 16, 2015

To The Beach We Go! Part 1

I want to continue chit-chatting about photo organization ~ especially since I've received some questions that need answering.  BUT, I have to cut in with some photos from our recent beach trip.

The beach just seems like home to us ~ it is one of our most favorite places to be.

So when Jeremy had to head over for a conference, us girlies jumped at the chance to tag along.

We even packed a dear friend ~Sissy's bestie who was visiting all the way from Kansas ♥  

Practically the second we spied the beach, we just had to feel that sand between our toes . . .

Then things got crazy:

These are some happy girly girls!

Tay is forever searching for treasures.
I can't tell you how many of these shells we came home with . . . I lost count at 3,792.
 After all that salty sea air, we had worked up an appetite!
Typically we stay in Seaside, but Jeremy's conference was at Salishan ~ a resort a few miles outside of Lincoln City.

What a treat! 
We don't make it to Lincoln City very often.
{Fun fact: Jeremy and I got engaged in Lincoln City over 13 years ago. Awwwww}

Jeremy's favorite restaurant, Kyllos, was an absolute must, as it had been years since we'd last visited.

The girls thought it was particularly great as we got to look out over the ocean as we enjoyed our meal.

Beach18WAnd Tay loved mixing her ketchup and tartar sauce together . . .
Hey, whatever keeps a 3 year old quiet and occupied!
 After dinner, we went for a drive down the coast, and stopped to take in some beautiful scenery.


And then back to the hotel we went to rest up for the day ahead!

What have y'all been up to?
Tell me about your favorite vacation spot! 
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Jenny said...

I can comment again!
This looks like it was such a fun trip. Everyone looks so happy. I just love vacations!

Emmy said...

Such great pictures! Looks like it really was a wonderful day.


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