Friday, July 3, 2015

Another Road Trip!

 Last weekend we were heading to Medford again for another wedding!

Side note: I love weddings.
I love, LOVE.
What an amazing thing to be able to witness two people pledging their lives to one another.
To be a part of a fresh, new beginning.


Another road trip.

We knew we were in for a hot weekend, so we tried to plan accordingly.
On Friday night, we met up with our Medford fam for pizza, and then back to "Aunt Suzi's" for some running through the sprinklers.

Last month we attended Mackenzie's {pictured below with the girls} wedding.

The girls are pretty smitten with her ♥

The wedding didn't start until 6 on Saturday evening, so we got to spend the morning doing a little shopping, and then the rest of the afternoon at the hotel pool.


Thank goodness for that pool!
Saturday's forecast was 106*.

We brought water, spray bottles, and battery-operated fans to the outdoor ceremony,
and still it was a sweat-fest.

But so so beautiful.
A beautiful sweat-fest.

And we were in sleeveless dresses. 
I don't even want to know what it was like to be in a suit!

Poor Miss Kam had a hard time with the heat

But once the sun set, it was much more manageable, and we got to enjoy the festivities.

{It looks kinda like rain, but that was just the field sprinklers}  
 And a quick shot of cousins before heading home.

What an amazing weekend celebrating love and family!
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Jenny said...

I feel Kam's pain! I hate heat like that! Your girls are so beautiful, I love all of the pics.

I will never forget an outdoor wedding I went to 2 weeks after I had Abby. It was mid June and OUTDOOR! Well inside a barn, but an open barn. It was SO hot! We all sat on hay. It is a nasty feeling to have the "just had a baby issue" and deal with that kind of heat. However, the wedding was beautiful and I love the pic I have of 2 week old Abby with the bride and groom!


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