Friday, July 24, 2015

Party Woes

 So, as I'm going through my photo folders, I find that I never even made mention of this little sugarplum's fourth birthday party:


In case you haven't been here very long, Miss Tay is my spirited child.
She . . . knows what she wants, and the exact time in which she wants it.
To say that she had been counting down, for MONTHS, the days until her birthday, would be an understatement.

Each day she would ask, "how many days till MY party?", and I'd have to answer with something like, "187, sweetie".  And she'd let out this big, exasperated sigh, then huff, then cross her arms, and end with "UGH!  Why it take so long????"

So imagine my joy when the calendar was coming up on June 18th!
Only.  Wait.  Jeremy was scheduled to work on her birthday.
The mama dilemma.
Lie to her almost four-year-old, and tell her her birthday wasn't until the 19th
{the day Daddy gets home from work}?


Try to explain to her {the Queen of Jekyll and Hyde, herself} that her actual date of birth is the 18th, and while I would celebrate her just as much as I could on that date, we wouldn't actually open any presents until the following day, when Daddy gets home. {Not to mention that her party wouldn't happen until DAYS later on the 21st}

Well, Grandma has started a tradition of bringing roses {one for each year}, and balloons on the girls' birthdays.  And I thought that would brighten Miss Tay's day, so I went ahead with the option #2, and broke it to her that she would just have to wait patiently for the 19th to come.

Never has a day lasted so long, people.

But FINALLY.  Finally, the 19th arrived.
Daddy came home.
Presents were opened.

And she got JUST what she was hoping for:


A baby "Spike" from My Little Pony.

And blessedly, Party Day came as well:
 And all is right with the world once again. 
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Jenny said...

I love it! Too funny! Abby is always either counting down to Christmas or her birthday in May. She's always got something to be thinking about!
I recognize all of those ponies. Abby loves MLP!

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh my gosh. Your spirited one will keep you on your toes forever! I love the sweet traditions in your family. SO glad she got just what she wanted. So, has the countdown begun for the next birthday??


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