Monday, July 20, 2015

Family Camp 2015 ~ Part 1

 After a crazy-busy May, and a crazy-busy June, things *finally* started to slow down.

Ha!  Just kidding!
There was no slow-down.
We just jumped full speed ahead into July.

After celebrating a nice, quiet Fourth, we packed up the trailer and headed east for our annual camping trip, and family reunion.

We've had a very dry year here in Oregon. 
Our Spring months are usually very wet, and June . . . June can have crazy amounts of rain.
But I'm not sure we had one drop of rain in June, so by the first of July we were getting kind of used to the hot, dry start to Summer.

Until we hit the road . . .

When we took off from home, it was 90+ degrees.

When we pulled into Madras {a town about halfway between home and our camping destination}, it had dropped from 92 to . . .

Holy Moly!

And the rain!  We hadn't seen any in such a long time.
And certainly never in July on our drive over.

By the time we reached our campground, the weather had settled, and it was actually very refreshing.

And it made for a gorgeous sunset, once the sun actually, you know, came out.

We spent the first few days wandering around, catching bugs {as fishing bait},

and fishing with the Daddy.

Sissy killed it!

And then there were chipmunks.

Kam and Kenners were soooooo patient.

They'd just sit and wait for hours for a chipmunk to come around and take a peanut.

Jeremy taught Kam how to get one to come up on a lap, and she thought that was the coolest thing EVER!

They got friendly REAL fast, once they knew you had their favorite food.

Real friendly.
 And then we waited for the rest of our family to arrive for our reunion! 
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Jenny said...

That looks like a beautiful campground. Those chipmunks are adorable! Great pics!


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