Monday, December 7, 2015

Countdown to Christmas 2015 ~ Days 3 & 4

We got our tree on Day Three!

December 3rd is our official tree day, apparently, as this is our third year in a row that we've gotten our tree this day.

I LOVE it!

We went to Jeremy's parents house to pick out the perfect one.

Every year I ask for one just a teensy bit smaller . . . 

And every year Sierra and Jeremy pick the tallest tree they can find and give me a thumbs up.

Kenners ~ not thrilled.  She'd like a tree shorter than 100 feet too ;)

We counted the rings ~ 13 years old!  Sissy's age :)

And then all four of the girly girls, plus Jeremy AND Grandpa hauled it to the truck.

We didn't decorate that night, however.

We waited until the following.

And the girls had at it!

This year it was Kam's turn to place the tree topper.

But don't worry, we decorate at Nana and Grandpa's, and Grandma and Grandpa's too.
There are plenty of tree toppers to go around.

Do you have your tree up?

What else are you up to??
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Jenny said...

It looks massive! I love it! Our tree is up. It's fake and is 7 1/2 feet every year. LOL!

That is so cool that you got to pick out a tree at Jeremy's parent's house! So fun!

This Old House said...

Do they have a tree farm? Pure magic!


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