Thursday, December 3, 2015

Countdown to Christmas has BEGUN!

We kicked off our Countdown with a Girls Trip with Grandma!
We had such fun Christmas shopping, going out to dinner, and a little relaxation.

There's also been lots o' crafting taking place at the Fraijo house:

Cousin Kuaile came out to help with that!

Cards, cards, cards, galore!

And we're following an awesome Scripture reading plan to go along with our activities each day.
 This morning the girls awoke to a North Pole Breakfast.
 Holly Elf was in on it ;)
 Day 3, come and gone!

This December is flying by even faster than normal!

What have y'all been up to??
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Jenny said...

So much fun! We started on the 1st with a Reese's PB mini cup. The 2nd was "watch a Christmas and have hot cocoa" and today we left for Branson, so Dave gave Abby a fun cupcake sticker book. We go to Silver Dollar City again tomorrow, so I bought a light up Christmas lights necklace for $3 to give her to wear.


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