Monday, June 13, 2011

Getting Ready

We are SO ready for Baby Girl's arrival.

{So ready.}

But she's not due for another week. Two if you're going by the date they gave me at the doctor {I am not}.

So we wait.

{With hideously swollen ankles}

And do what any impatient mama would do . . .

{Well, besides complain. I'll admit it, I'm a big whiney baby}

Give up?

Sew, of course.


Little Miss No-Name deserves a pretty new blankie, does she not?


I thought so too ;)

Most of these are just scrap fabrics I've had lying around from different projects. But I love them so. The seaside rose has been a favorite of mine for years, and I'm so happy it has a home in this blanket.

Now . . . I just can't wait to use it!

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Busy Bee Suz said...

This is GORGEOUS!!!!!! I hope you had your feet up while sewing. :)
I could not make anything like this in a millllllion years. Lucky lil' girl has a very talented Mama!

Mandy said...

that blue rose fabric is so pretty i may dream about it! been thinking of you and waiting for pictures of the little one! blessings!

Erica @ All About Aleigha said...

Love that blanket! you are so talented.

MiMi said...

That's beautiful! If I used scraps I have around here it would look like a psychotic/drunk clown made the blanket.
I was really thinking she came this weekend!

Kelli said...

Since she's used to be all warm a blanket is perfect. She'll be here before you know it.

mountain mama said...

oh liz, that is simply beautiful! i totally dig the colors.

bless your heart...those last couple of weeks are so tough!! hang in there girl! =)

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh my is it that time already? Beautiful blanket. I sure wish that I could sew.

Miller Racing Family said...

Oh, how the last few weeks are the worst. The not knowing when the big day will happen and are we prepared.
I do love the blanket. The colors are perfect for a little girl.
Can't wait to meet the new addition. Take care of yourself!

Together We Save said...

Very pretty!! Sorry about the ankles!!

Jenny said...

It's beautiful! I love the fabrics you used!

jennohara said...

I can't wait! I was starting to think maybe she came already because we didn't hear from you for a couple days! :)

Rhonda said...

LOVE it! The baby blanket is beautiful. I can't wait till baby girl gets here either! I bet you will have her when I'm in FL!

Good luck! Cameron was a long 24 hours, the Caden 6. Hopefully this next one will be quick. I'm praying for a healthy baby and momma!

Jessica said...

The blanket is gorgeous. I want to learn to sew before I die. Excited for the new baby to arrive soon!

Connie Weiss said...

THat is so beautiful and little no-name is going to love it!

Hang in there mama!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Liz that blanket is awesome! I love all the pretty girly colors:) Good luck this week waiting for little miss no name!

MomBrose said...

Gorgeous! I love the seaside rose too. Absolutely stunning for baby no-name :) Is it me, or is No-name sounding better and better as a name? (I stole that line from "Friends") :)


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