Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Zoo Trip

So, we decided to head to the zoo last Friday.  It had been about a year since we'd last gone, and I was quite certain Miss Kameryn didn't remember it at all.  Jeremy had to work, so we picked up my mom and dad for a day full of animal fun.


We were on a bit of a schedule {for reasons I'll let you in on later}, but there were certain animals on our "must-see" list.  Kenners wanted to see the elephants {which I didn't get any good pictures of}.  Sierra knew she wanted to see the giraffes.


  And Kam, well, she wanted to see doggies and kitties ;)  

We settled for a few kitties:




It was funny to me just how many animals were at the zoo that we get the pleasure of seeing on a daily basis. {Well, maybe not a daily basis, but semi-regularly, anyway}.  Cougars, bobcats, eagles.


The girls thought the monkeys were pretty cute.  This little guy seemed pretty interested in what we were doing too :)


And, of course, we had to see the hippos. 


I liked this sign ;)  Amen, yes?


May you all be blessed with a great day and also . . . many cattle ;)

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Connie said...

That Zoo looks better than ours.

Love that Eagle picture!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

So fun! We haven't been to the zoo in a while...does Animal Kingdom at WDW count?!?

Kelli said...

Looks like a great trip. We don't have giraffes and they are Jamison's favorite so I'm hoping to get her to a zoo that does. Your pictures of the animals are great!

Jenny said...

Fun trip! We've got to get to the zoo soon too!

I say this every time, but it's so true...your girls are so beautiful!

MiMi said...

Did you see the signs all over the zoo about The Right Kind of Change? LOL those things cracked me up.

Busy Bee Suz said...

The photo of Kam with her g'pa is amazing. Looks like a lovely day for the family. MEOW. :)

mountain mama said...

looks like fun, the girls are getting so big...and pretty! :)

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

What?! My pictures at this SAME zoo of the SAME animals that you took pictures of don't even come close to how beautiful yours are! Jealous...some people just have true talent, I suppose! ;)

Glad you guys had a great time! We have the Zoo membership, but have only gone ONCE since we bought it. Oops!

P.S. Love the American Doll trip picks, too!

Impulsive Addict said...

I took Emma to the zoo recently. She loved it (it was her first time) but several of the exhibits were closed so it wasn't a great experience. I'm glad you guys had fun! =)

Happy Wednesday!


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