Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This Is What Sickness Looks Like At Our House


These two lovies are feeling a little under the weather.
{Truth be told, we're all feeling this way, it's just hitting these two a little harder at the moment}.


So we started our day with Blueberry Smoothies.  Frozen blueberries we picked back in August, vanilla yogurt, apple juice, and raspberry sherbet.  It soothed the sore throats.


Later in the day Kam decided she needed some Hot Chockit.  And Kenners joined her.  And then proclaimed, "this is the best hot chocolate ever, Mama".


Once I got Taylor down for her afternoon nap I assembled a Lasagna.  Because Lasagna makes everything better.  And also because we've had days straight of rain, and I like me some comfort food this time of year.


These apples here?  They were used to make apple crisp.  I just took it out of the oven, and drizzled caramel over the top.  And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go eat some.

What do your sick days look like?

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Jenny said...

Aww, poor babies! I hope you all feel better soon.

Apple crisp sounds really good!

Rachel Sue said...

Your sick days look much, much yummier than any of mine do.

Valerie said...

Holy cow...our sick days never looked, I mean, tasted that good! I love her little comment about the Swiss Miss!!! Your 2 little ones sure look miserable.

I'm a bit jealous about the rain...we are experiencing drought here in Kansas. Miserable. For me, it's been death by ragweed!!!

Anyway, Happy Fall! Thanks for dropping by. I'm so glad to be back to blogging...I was lonely w/o my computer!

Take care,

Caseybumpinalong said...

Wow, if I had to be sick, I'd want it to be at your house! I hope you all feel better soon! Great pics!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Your sick days look way better than mine:) It is almost cool enough for hot chocolate here and I can't wait! I hope everyone starts feeling a lot better soon! And you totally need to share your lasagna recipe!

Connie said...

I think I want to be sick at your house!!

Hope everyone is feeling better today!

MiMi said...

Um. I wanna be sick at YOUR house.
My house looks like a medicine cabinet and sounds the the teburculosis (totallky spelled that wrong, i bet) ward when we're sick. :(

mountain mama said...

that stinks! all that stuff sounds great to me...sick or no sick! :)

y'all take care!

Geri said...

Hope the girls are better soon! Love that Kameryn still remembers to accessorize even when she is not feeling well.

Sarah Kate said...

Poor babies! I hope you all start feeling better soon! No fun being icky sicky for very long. :o(

I think I'm going to go make myself some hot chockit, too. :o)

Foursons said...

Oh those poor, sweet girls.

I am feeling sick today and I would like to come be sick at your house so you can make me smoothies, hot chockit, and lasagna. I'll even sleep on the couch.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Oh, your sweet angels look so pathetic. but still does that work??
I HOPE you are all feeling better.
I am making a mental note to visit your house next time I feel crummy.

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