Thursday, January 17, 2013

Out of Bed

Miss Kam may have had breakfast in bed the other day,
but yesterday,
we all made it to the table.

Thought we might be on the mend too . . .
Until last night.
Poor Miss Tay :(
Let's just say there was not a wink of sleep to be had.
So.  In to the doctor we went this morning.
Just me and the little girls. {And Gramps ~ a.k.a. Super Helper}
 And my suspicions were confirmed.
Miss Kam has an ear infection in her left ear, and Miss Tay . . .
A double ear infection that is especially nasty.
My poor little pumpkins!

10 days of antibiotics + lotsa liquids + constant snuggles +
a whole bunch of movie rentals {hopefully} = Girlies on the mend.

Alright.  Let's hear it. 
What do you to make your little lovies more comfy when they're under the weather?
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Jenny said...

It is so sad when kids are sick. You feel so helpless sometimes! We usually just lounge around. Abby likes when I make a little bed on the couch for her to rest on all day. She likes the electric blanket too. Oh and a kitty to snuggle with always helps!

Jamie Jo said...

Love that top picture! We do the bed on the couch, so they can see what is going on (wouldn't want to miss anything) and we do games and lots and lots of books!

Colleen said...

Four of my five kids have ear tubes because they got so many ear infections. Greatest.invention.ever.

Sarah Kate said...

This time of year, we always treat the sickies with a warm cup of hot cocoa! It coats a sore throat much better than regular milk! :o)

Sarah Kate said...

P.S. Hope you all feel better!

Kelli said...

On no...your little sweeties! There's definitely a lot of snuggles and fruit snacks. For some reason fruits snacks are a big cure. I hope they feel better really soon.

MiMi said...

Awww, I hope they get better fast!!

Kristy Quinn said...

Sweet, sweet pictures <3 My youngest was starting to get an ear infection a few weeks ago at the end of a nasty cold they all had. I read that putting a few drops of lavender essential oil on their ear would ease the pain. It did! Literally within less than 5 minutes.They tell you when they're tiny you might want to use a carrier oil. We didn't and it worked great. I hope your littles all feel better soon mama.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Those poor little sweetie pies....I think your list of stuff is all you can do. Extra snuggles and kisses are always helpful. :) I hope everyone feels better real soon.

Connie said...

I hope the littles are better soon!

Xazmin said...

The ear infections are AWFUL this year! All of my kids have suffered with them, and I am so over it!

I'm sorry your little ones are sick!

When I have sickies, I mostly just cuddle with them and watch a movie or TV show they like.


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