Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I am bound and determined to play catch up on the ol' blog.
I miss it so much.
I miss the journaling.
I miss visiting my friends.
But good gracious, life . . .
is BUSY!

Jeremy and I actually made it out on a date for our anniversary!
We don't ever get out of the house together, so it was pretty special.

Just a quick dinner, but it was pretty fabulous to enjoy conversation without
being interrupted 422 times :)

The following day, the girls and I picked up my MIL,
 and headed to Seattle for a trip to American Girl!
It was exhausting, but fun.

We have dental appointments tomorrow.
I hate the dentist.
I mean, I don't hate our dentist.  He's pretty great.
But I hate going to the dentist.
I hate having someone messing with my mouth.
I hate being told that one of the girls has a cavity, or some other such issue.

And then Easter weekend.
It's going to be a difficult one.
But I am determined to make it special and fun, and filled with joy for the girls.
We've had too much sadness this year.

What have you all been up to?

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Jenny said...

What a great picture of you two! I'm glad you both got a date night. I know what you mean, it never happens here either. LOL!

I'll keep you all in my prayers for a happy Easter with many new memories.

Busy Bee Suz said...

YOU just get prettier and prettier. Could it be the cold air? Or the chickens? I need some of both in that case. :)
I'd tell you to enjoy the dentist, but you won't. SO enjoy your Easter. You are blessed and you'll have a great day with your peeps. (get it?)

Sarah Shumate said...

Great picture! I know I say this often, but you guys are one of the cutest couples I've ever seen!

I have no doubt you'll be able to make this holiday special and wonderful for the girls. You do that so well! I'll be thinking about your family this weekend.

Jamie Jo said...

You 2 are the cutest couple ever! It's so nice to get out on a date--happy you did!

I pray that you are all able to see that in Christ's Resurrection, He makes all things new and He will show you joy again. (I know you believe it, I just pray you ALL feel it soon)

Kasey said...

A date! I'm so jealous, but at the same time so happy for you! With the new baby, and two bigger ones I'd be happy with 2 minutes to go to the bathroom by myself at this point! Love the pic of you and your man- Beautiful!

Connie said...

YAY for a date night!

We had a whirl wind trip to Dallas. So fun!

Emmy said...

Yea for date nights!! You are so beautiful!
Hope you had a good Easter


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