Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wordful Wednesday ~ Birdie Rescue

 The girls and I were in the shop the other day, checking on our chicks
{or rather nearly full grown chickens!}, when Sierra spotted a bird that wasn't supposed to be there.  It was a little like the game, 'one of these things is not like the other'.

I suggested that Sierra leave it be, rather than catch it,
and I'd open up all of our bay doors in  hopes it'd fly out.

It didn't.

The next thing I knew, Sierra was shrieking, crying, and trying to explain
that the little bird had managed to get caught in one of the many mouse traps lying about.

Poor little darlin'.

No worries.  Grandpa to the rescue!
He helped me get the bird out of the trap . . .
 We cleaned up his feet a little, and that little fighter flew right off!!
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Sarah Shumate said...

You saved him! What a great story. A bird got trapped in our pen enclosure the other day, but I managed to catch it so I could release it outside. (After holding him a little, of course.) Poor little thing almost had a heart attack trying to find it's way out of the pen!

I love the second shot - gentle farmer's hands. :o)

Jenny said...

Poor baby! I'm so glad you all were able to help him!

Foursons said...

Awe, the girls will always remember that!


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