Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Taylor can be such a stinker.
She challenges me every day.
Most of the time, she is so funny, you forget why you were ever exasperated.
Case in point:
Tay hates to have her diaper changed. 
Actually, she hates to have a diaper on.
So, every time I go to change her, she kicks, screams, rolls over, and runs
as fast as her little legs can carry her.  Yelling: "Nooooooooooo!"
Sunday, we were getting ready for Church.
She plays her no diaper game.
I start counting:
Me: "One" . . . {because counting is super threatening to a 20 month old}
Tay: {already down the hall}: "One"
Me: {A little stern this time} "Two" . . .
Tay:  "Three!"
Ohhhhhh that girl!

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Colleen said...

At least she's learning to count :)

Jamie Jo said...

Cute Cute Cute!!

Glad I'm not the only one with a hard diaper changing kiddo!! Mine squirms and squirms and just doesn't want to lay still, he wants to run!! I sometimes (with big messy ones) need someone to hold his arms and body!

Jenny said...

She is a cute stinker!

Connie said...

Did you say 20 months? I think YOU are counting wrong. That's impossible. She's a baby.

Busy Bee Suz said...

She is smart and a smartie!!! :)

Kelli W said...

She is so stinking cute! And a smart one too...already counting:)

Emmy said...

Lol! Yep gotta love it-- but hey you have no doubt she can count to three :)


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