Friday, March 15, 2013


It's been a looooong time since I've had an extra minute for a project.
Like, a long time.
But lately Sierra has been interested in sprucing up her room a bit, so we're brainstorming to come up with inexpensive {free?} ideas to transform her plain room into a special spot she can love.

First thing on her list was a new comforter/bedding set.
She found one online that she loved.
And it was on sale!

She has also wanted a canvas to hang above her bed.
And one of our favorite labs was having an amazing canvas sale,
so we took advantage:


It was a great start, but there was still a lot of bare wall space just staring at us.
Eventually she would like to put up a shelf that she can decorate with pictures and other trinkets.
But that will have to come later
{when we can shop around and find some steals!}

After a little thought, we decided a corkboard was a must.
A spot to pin photos, quotes, letters from pen-pals, and other special momentos.

So we started in.

The best thing about this project?
It cost nothing.
I guess at one time I had invested a few dollars into the supplies,
but all of these items I had on hand.
And when you're living on a very strict budget . . . free is like a breath of fresh air!

I found some scrap fabric {that just so happens to match Sierra's new bedding perfectly},
cork board, picture frame, ribbon, and stapler.


 We covered the cork board in our fabric, and stapled to the back.
{I also stapled my finger, but we won't talk about that}

Added accent ribbon 


And placed inside the frame.


Now Miss Sierra has a little spot for all of her special treasures.

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Jenny said...

Ouch about your finger!

This turned out cute. Tulips are my absolute favorite, so I love the canvas!

Caseybumpinalong said...

Great idea! Love it!

MiMi said...

And, OW!! I stapled my finger once and it does NOT feel good at all!!

Foursons said...

I've stapled my finger before too and it hurts!!! I love what I see so far. More pictures of the make-over please. :)

Kristy Quinn said...

What a cute idea Liz! Three of my girls share a room right now and it's huge. There's SO much wall space. I was just telling my hubby that I HAVE to figure out some way to fill some of the white up. I love your cork board idea. :) I think I'll look into that too.

I'm so sorry about your finger. I did that once upon a time when I worked at a dry cleaners (yeeears ago) It was no fun at all. I hope yours feels better soon!

marie said...

So cute. It's nice to spruce up the bedrooms every once in a while :) And I do love the word 'Free'!

Emmy said...

That is so cute!! Love it! Love the accent ribbon- amazing how much more that really adds to it

Sarah Shumate said...

That canvas is beautiful!!! Great job on the project, too. I love the blue with the black and white.

Totally random, but I also love your natural wood baseboards. They're lovely!


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