Tuesday, April 2, 2013

American Girl

 For Christmas, the girls received American Girl gift cards, and the promise of a trip up to Seattle in the Spring to visit the American Girl store nearest us.

Grandma suggested Spring Break as the perfect time for a girls trip, and we agreed!

So, we piled in the car . . .

And away we went!

Even the youngest of us was mesmerized.

We got to the store shortly before closing on a Sunday, but that didn't stop the girls from making some pretty fun purchases.

I was so proud of Makenna and Sierra for choosing to put their gift cards together to purchase some bigger items that can be used by both of them.

Let's just say that their dolls are enjoying nice, long bubble baths these days ;)

And Miss Taylor got her first Bitty Baby.
That baby has not left her sight in over a week :)

Sierra and Meagan.

Kenners, Kanani, and Hannah.

And Sweet Pea, Kameryn.
She held on to her money the longest.

The following day was spent at the doll salon.
Kanani enjoyed a fish tail.

And, see?  Tay and her new baby.

Later that evening, we dined at the AG Bistro.

Fruity drinks, and fruity . . . fruit!

We had a fabulous time.
But let me tell ya.
After  4 1/2 hours in the car each way, and nearly two days of shopping . . .
we were tuckered out.

And so glad to be home!!
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Jenny said...

Now that looks like fun! How cute of Taylor to have her own baby. Also, that is awesome that the 2 older kids put their money together to share. That must have been a proud Mommy moment!!

MiMi said...

I LOVE your trips to AG!!
And I love that Taylor has a bag bigger than her! :)

Emmy said...

What a perfect fun girl activity! This makes me want to take my daughter to the American Doll store-- we went many years ago but that was before she even had a doll.

Busy Bee Suz said...

This is so sweet. I'm so thankful you took so many photos because I felt like I was there with you. (minus the tuckered out part) Your girls made good choices with their money....and sometimes you just can't make a choice. :)


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