Monday, April 15, 2013


Tulips are a favorite of mine.
They're so beautiful, and bright, and cheerful.
I mean, don't they just scream "Spring"??

We try to make it to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival every year.
This year my dad came with.

Are these two the cutest things ever?
Taylor calls Grampa her "buddy".
She talks about him first thing in the morning.
She asks about him in the afternoon.
They are quite the pair.
{Yeah.  It's freezing here.  Hoodies and jackets, socks, and boots, and we still froze!
I keep asking Jeremy if we can move . . . I think his resolve is weakening ;)}

We arrived at the tulips.
And found that 4.2 million other people had the same idea.

The girls got side tracked, though, when we first arrived.
There were pony rides, and bounce houses.
Trampolines, and rock walls.

While Kenners and Kam were waiting in lines, Miss Tay found her favorite activity:
I couldn't get her out of that thing!

Kam loved the pony rides.

So did Kenners, for that matter.

But Tay started getting fidgety, so we tromped off to look at the pretty flowers.

 And hitched a ride on the wooden shoe train!

There was every color of tulip you could imagine.

So gorgeous.

 Next time, we are hitting the field first.
Once I am satisfied with the "group shot", then the girls will be rewarded with the activities, lol!

Because, you see?
This is what I got:

Kam was hungry and tired, Kenners was grumpy because Sierra was using her camera.
Tay was just plain ready for a nap. 
Thank you, Sierra.  That's what I'm looking for!

 Please girls?  Just a quick smile?  Mkay.  A little better from Kenners.  Sis is still rockin' the smile.
Kam?  Totally had it.
And this, folks, is the best one.

Awww.  My biggest and littlest.
These two have quite the bond.
And they remind me so much of one another!

I had about 2.3 seconds to snap a few more pictures, and then that was it.

The girls couldn't handle any more. 
 So, it was off to Arby's for a drive-thru lunch.
And then home for naps.
For all of us.
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Jenny said...

Gorgeous tulips and kids! LOL at the grumpy faces. Yes, next time pics first.

I just love tulips. Don't move away from tulips!

MiMi said...

Your girls are so sweet!
Okay, so, truth? The two oldest look like sweethearts and I want to hang out with them.
The younger two are super cute and I would like to view them from a distance because, frankly, the spunk I see in their eyes frightens me.

marie said...

The flowers are gorgeous but that first picture, oh it's heartbreaking.

And the second to last, just wow, that is an amazing photo.

Busy Bee Suz said...

I about died when I saw the tulips. And my heart melted seeing your Taylor with her Buddy. That is beyond sweet....fills my heart to it's brim.
I had to laugh at the pictures of the four of them....they are so darling and yet, they don't care to hide their true feelings. I LOVE THAT!!!!!!

Foursons said...

The picture of Taylor with her Grampa is precious. I love her big step that she's taking, that he is holding her hand AND her doll, and that both of them just look perfectly content to be right where they are.

The tulips are gorgeous as always.

The group shots aren't "perfect" but at the same time they are. :)

Jamie Sefcik || Hello Little Scout said...

Look at all of your amazing photos! It looks like such a beautiful day :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

New to your blog and I am obsessed with your pictures! They are gorgeous. At least your girls sat in front of the flowers...I am a boy mom (#3 on the way!) and mine would probably have trampled them and ruined the whole festival ha

Caseybumpinalong said...

Wow! Absolutely gorgeous pictures!

Sarah Shumate said...

I love seeing a grown man carrying a baby doll. :o)

Beautiful tulip photos! I love the one of Taylor's face with the tulips behind her. I'd love to see something like this in person...but definitely on a warm day.


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