Monday, June 27, 2016

Kids in the Kitchen ~ Popsicle Bites

 Our "finding the joy" adventures that I had planned in my head, took on new form when Tay started coming down with a virus.  Last week, when Kenners had started running a high fever and complaining of a sore throat, I had chalked it up to lack of sleep and stress.  But when Tay showed the same symptoms a week later, I had to accept that we were spreading some germs 'round here.
Yay. Summer Sickies.

Luckily, a sweet friend had recently brought dinner to us, and with that she included just about everything you could think from her garden. Fresh lettuce, spinach, onions, raspberries, and blueberries. Yum, yum, yum!

So. Straight to the kitchen we went, to make a feel-better-kids-snack.
{PS ~ This adult liked it just fine too!}

I knew I wanted to make popsicles, but they take such a long time to freeze, and Tay-Tay is not known for her patience; particularly when her throat is on fire.

So we started with these:

Little bites of creamy, yogurty, raspberry-y, goodness!

We found a mini ice cube tray, mixed our ingredients, and poured straight into the tray.

About an hour later, and they were done!

Then I found these plastic shot glasses that I had picked up at the Dollar Store awhile back.
And cut some cute, paper straws in half to use as sticks.

The PERFECT size for mini popsicles!
 Quick and easy, and oh-so-delicious!
 No need to wait for a sore throat! 
These little treats could be gobbled up as a sweet, Summertime, cool-down, snack! 
That's just what my older girls did!

The details: {In case you want to make your own!}

You'll need:

Raspberries {or your favorite berry!}
 ~ About 2 cups {more or less, depending on how many treats you plan to make}

Vanilla Yogurt {1-2 Cups}

A splash of Cream orrrrrr I used Vanilla Creamer. Oh Yum. Oh Yum, Yum, Yum.

Mix it all up {I like to crush the berries a bit}, and pour into whatever mold you choose:
Popsicles, ice cube trays . . .

Toss in the freezer, and you're on your way to frozen goodness!
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Jenny said...

Those are so cute and look yummy. Poor Taylor :( I'm glad you thought of making the frozen treats smaller so they froze faster. SMART!


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