Monday, June 6, 2016

Road Trippin'

 Last week was crazy-busy with our final Bible study for the season,
errands, and a day with friends at the amusement park. 
But finally, FINALLY. I uploaded photos from our weekend trip to Medford.

We don't get down there often, but we sure do love it!

This trip was hush-hush because the occasion was a surprise birthday party for my aunt!

Medford is {should be} about a 4 1/2 hour drive. 
But, for our little family of six, it's more like six hours.

It takes us forever to get out.
Then we have to stop for eats and treats:

But everyone sighs a great big relief when we've scaled the last mountain pass,
and Medford is in sight.

Once we got settled in our room, there were plans made for dinner with my parents, sister, and her family.

Shoji's is a favorite because it's so much fun to watch someone prepare your meal right in front of you!  And what a show it is!

{Tay LOVED all of the fire}

The next morning started with snuggles.
 Then off to the restaurant we went to surprise Aunt Pat.

She was surprised :)

And it's pretty safe to say we ALL had a pretty great time.
 We got a little visit time in with family,

and then it was time to say good-bye :(
 Until next time, anyway.

Any great ideas for passing the time in the car? 
We've got several road trips planned this summer, and not one of us is any good at traveling :)  
Car games, activities, any ideas to make travel time fun would be much appreciated!
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Jenny said...

For car sickness, we've used Sea Band bracelets. I'm not sure if they worked or if they just gave Abby the feeling of more control over the situation. Her problem was anxiety related.

She does good on road trips now, usually just reading or watching movies on a tablet.

When she was younger, we'd play the alphabet game (taking turns finding things that started with every letter), car trip bingo slide card games, kids trivia games, etc.

I've heard some people say to leave in the middle of the night so the kids will sleep through the driving, but I can't imagine being able to drive! Plus, if you wake my kid up, she's not going back to sleep. LOL!

Good luck with your trips! You always seem to have fun when you get there!

Busy Bee Suz said...

What a fun little getaway to see your people. Happy birthday Aunt Pat! (I have an Aunt Pat, but I call her Aunt Trisha.)
We used to play car games; the "i'm going camping and I'm gonna pack and Apple or Alligator....the next person has to repeat and add a B word and the next has to repeat both and add a C word....and so on. IT's quite fun. Of course, lots of reading too.
Beat of luck.
The girls are GROWING up before my eyes!!!


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