Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Me Edition, Week 12

Can it be? Is it really Week 12 of Extreme Makeover? Yep, it looks like last week was 11, it must be so. First off, head on over to Amber's. She's the super cool, gorgeous gal who started this. Check out her blog to see what the fuss is all about, join in, link up, you get the idea :)

Alrighty, if you've been here recently you know I'm having computer troubles. {Do I have time for a quick computer update? No? Well, too bad this is my blog, sister!} So, we got our desktop back. We need to hook it back up and I'll be back in business . . . sort of. Our laptop is another story. The good news is that I'm not CRAZY after all, there really is something seriously wrong with the laptop. The bad news . . . there's something seriously wrong with my laptop. Anyway, I still have my mom's laptop, which brings me to . . . I am unable at the moment to post pictures. Until we get the desktop set up, this little blog of mine will be pictureless . . . SOOOOO {get to the point, lady. Okay, okay} I cannot complete this week's EM:ME task. Dang, I soooooo wanted to post pics of my fridge ;) However, I did snap some photos that I will post a little later.

Not much new around here, fitness-wise. I am staying about the same weight. Within 1-2 pounds of pre-pregnancy weight. I fluctuate a little, and I'm okay with that. Overall I am far busier these days, which equates to more movement, so that's good!

That's it! Until next week ladies :)

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Sara said...

Hi Liz
I love your blog! Thanks for coming over to mine.

I am glad your computer is back up and running!

Lynn said...

Too bad we didn't get to see your fridge. You forgot to tell us how its full of only healthy foods. :) Good Luck with the computer issues.

~~Mel~~ said...

I still can't believe both your computers went on the fritz at the same time! How unlucky is that???

I'm glad one will work when it's hooked back up!


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