Friday, June 12, 2009

Kenners' Silly Sayings

Welcome to our first installment of Kenners' Silly Sayings. My sweet 4 year old, Makenna,{Kenners, as we so affectionately call her} is a Jabber.Box. This child never stops talking {hmmmm, where does she get that?}. And some of the things that come out of that mouth . . . let's just say she is one very imaginative little girl. I am going to have to keep track of all her ramblings, as this may just be a regular installment. My girl has a lot to say.

Let me first set the scenes by mentioning that Kenners has a bit of a lisp. Truly, all of her ramblings are that much sweeter when you imagine the lisp.

Here we go!

{While Sierra was out fishing with daddy the other day, Kenners and I spent some time together. She is very good about taking care of all her babies, and she didn't want to leave Sierra's babies out}:

"I'm taking care of sissy's baby doll while she's gone 'cuz baby dolls need love too. Not just real babies."

{Can I get an Amen? Also, did you imagine the lisp? Cute, no?}

{While in the kitchen making sandwiches, Kenners was keeping me company. We began to chat about Kameryn getting some teeth soon}:

"Hey mommy, sometimes you can call her teeth toothes"

{pronounced: tooth-is, mmm-kay}

"Ooooh, it looks like Kam has a pretty muddy diaper"

{obviously said while observing a messy, breastfed baby poop diaper change ;)}

{When I asked her to put away her Bella Dancerella Ballet Barre, she proceeded to hoist the thing over her head and march it to her room}

"When I carry this over my head, it makes my muscles taller"

And lastly, no matter what I ask of her, whether it be to put something away, put her shoes on, sit at the table, etc. this is her response:

"Sure thing"

Dear, sweet, Makenna, every day with you is like a breath of fresh air!

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Amber said...

So sweet! And I did imagine it with a lisp too! You should take some videos of the girls sometime and upload them. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Liz, how I know that little lisp and that little unique personality coming through. She is so captivating! All of your girls are in their own way, but there is something about Makenna that makes me smile when I think of her. The mold was broken when she was conceived!

onegirliegirl said...

Oh, how I love the lispy voices of our little ones!! Why on earth would anyone give their child speech therapy to get rid of one? I would do it to actually make them KEEP the lisp ;)

I'd love someone under the age of 50 to say Sure Thing when I ask them to do something :) Any tips on that?!

xoxo ~Lisa

Christy said...

So sweet. I just found your blog and I'm enjoying reading so far.

Kelly said...

So cute. I love watching kids develop their language skills.

~~Mel~~ said...

AWWWWW so that she has a little lisp!



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