Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mom to the Rescue! Annnd more awards.

Sooooo, I realize that you are all probably sick of my ramblings about my computer, BUT I'm continuing them anyway :) My parents also have a desktop and laptop, and they were so kind as to let us borrow their laptop while they are camping. YAY! Hopefully by the time they return we will have some answers regarding ours. Mom to the rescue again, thanks Mom!

And now, for another award! Staci from Playing House sent this one my way. Thanks Staci!!!

I must list 7 personality traits about myself and I must pass this award onto others.

Here we go:

1. I can get emotional over the littlest thing. I cry over almost everything. While reading a children's book to the girls, while watching commercials, EVERYTHING. It's not pretty.

2. I am a worrier. I come by this naturally {my mom is the biggest worrier around}. I am working on handing my worries over to the Lord.

3. I have a terrible memory. Terrible. I would love to blame this on having three children, but alas, I've always been this way.

4. I enjoy being at home. While I love taking a vacation, or going on a shopping trip {I'm re-thinking this one after the last several shopping trips I've been on!}, I really don't mind being at home most of the time.

5. I'm going to have to agree with Staci. I love the fresh air, I love the sunshine. I love being able to be outdoors. BUT this does not make me outdoorsy. I'm not in love with camping and such. I'm pretty much a girly girl who doesn't like to get dirty.

6. I used to be organized. Now I'm not :) I used to make lists of everything I need to do. Now I just wander aimlessly.

7. I was made to be a mom. No doubt about it, it is the only job I was made to do. I love everything about it. {Yes, even the diaper changes}.

I pass this award on to:
Kristn at Dolan Dog Days (she's hoping to have some down time this week due to surgery. Please keep her in prayer)

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Colleen said...

Thanks Liz!!!

Vivienne said...

I'm with you on 1 through 5. However, I am very organized and there are days I think CPS should remove my children from my care...

Foursons said...

So glad to see you following me! You are the first person to "get" my Believing God reference on my about me section. At least you are the first to comment on it anyway. Others may have "gotten" it and just didn't say anything. Anyhow...glad to have you along for the ride!

Amber said...

I agree with 1 through 5 as well! I wouldn't say I'm SUPER organized, but I'm definitely a list maker, container using, binder for everything under the sun kind of girl.


Kristen said...

Thanks, I'll work on this a little later (after a nap). Thanks for keeping me in prayer; the surgery went very well and I'm recovering well too!

~~Mel~~ said...

I'm with you on all of them except number 5...I'm an outdoors girl for sure...the bugs I could do without though lol.

I'm sooo glad you have a laptop to use!


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