Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Savin' Some Money

I may have mentioned before that TLC's show, Extreme Couponing, is a new favorite of mine. I sit there in awe when I watch these people saving 90% + on their groceries. And it's made me curious if I could save money too. I know I'll never be able to save the kind of money these folks are saving. I simply don't have 40 hours a week to devote to coupon clipping, organizing, searching the internet for the best deals, driving around to multiple stores, and going on several shopping trips per week {nor would I choose to spend my time that way even if it were an option}. Besides, gas is expensive, y'all! And since we live FAR from town, I'm quite sure that a good portion of the money I'd save by shopping multiple stores, would be spent on the gas to get there. But as I said, I'd be happy just to save a little.

Now, before we go any further . . . If you you are a couponer of any caliber: READ NO FURTHER. Please. Because my savings are going to sound so incredibly puny and ridiculous to you. Pinkie swear? Okay. Moving along.

So, last month I started by purchasing a Sunday paper. I have never used coupons before, but I knew the paper would be a good source. And then I went to Safeway.com {because I typically shop at Safeway} to see which digital coupons I could find {that I would USE ~ that is key}, and load directly on to my store card. I then made sure to document all grocery purchases. No more "It's only a gallon of milk, I don't need to count that". Nope, I wanted to know *exactly* how much I was spending. And when I looked back through previous months' receipts and statements, I was amazed at just how much I was spending. Much more than I had thought.

Anyway, by simply paying attention, clipping some coupons, and actively trying to find the best price on items {some items aren't negotiable for us, we tend to be brand picky}, I saved close to $200 last month. And I am hoping to save more this month.

Today, I was excited to go grocery shopping.


I even stocked up on items that I didn't need right now, but will in the future {think multiple bottles of shampoo and conditioner that happen to be on sale now, but may not be the next time I need them}. Or, yeah, the four hundred million bottles of Coke. I'm still not sure how these people get all of these items for free. But I'm working on finding that out ;)


My goal today was to save 30% of my grocery bill. The most I've ever saved was 26% {and it's embarrassing how excited I was about that} , so this was a bit of a stretch. But . . . I did it! 30% ~ nearly $86. And we hadn't been to the grocery store in almost two weeks, so we needed a LOT.

If you've made it this far, congrats ;) And also, think about using a coupon or two. I promise it'll make you really happy to see your savings.

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Holly said...

I am kinda obsessed with that show, too! :) I still don't understand how they are all able to get away with the amount of coupons that they use! I think if I walked into the store with that many coupons, I would be kicked out!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

I haven't watched the show, but I do use coupons. There have been a few wonderful times the total I saved was more than the total I owed. (Hallelujah Chorus played in my head.)
I always stock up, especially if there is a store special and I have a coupon on top of it! Good job and keep going! Woo Hoo!

Foursons said...

So here's the thing. I used to cut coupons and it would take FOREVER. We are NOT brand picky about most items we buy. A few things like peanut butter and mac and cheese but that is about it. Anyways, the store brand always ends up cheaper even after a coupon for the name brand. So until I figure out how to get stuff for free I'll keep buying the generic stuff.

jennohara said...

That's awesome!!! I've never been too much into couponing either, and usually forget about them until they're expired. I'm so glad you saved so much!! Any little bit counts!

mountain mama said...

way to go liz, i love using coupons. there are some great money saving blogs that do weekly coupon match-ups with grocery store's sale items.

my favorite is to use store q's along with a man. q like at target!


Busy Bee Suz said...

I've watched that coupon show too, and I don't know how those people do it either. It seems they actually buy more stuff than they need just because they have the coupons??? Congrats to you though for your lil' bit. I also get excited to save money??
Hey, what??? NO reusable bags?? That plastic hurts my 'green' eyes.

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife said...

Way to go!!

I am so with you - even if I had the time, that is NOT where I would be spending it! I'm all about using the resources (i.e. $$) that God gave me wisely, but I won't sacrifice the time He gives me with my family...which is what I'd be taking away from!

Connie said...

I canceled our Sunday paper when we started our new diet....there are rarely coupons for salad.

King Soopers sends me some coupons and I like the electronic one's that are on my card.

I love shopping the sales!

MiMi said...

That's awesome! MY savings are a joke. Usually I buy something that I DON'T need cuz it's on sale and then I spend MORE! UGH.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I do couponing sort of like you. I like to save a little, but those people who leave with $1000 worth of stuff for $2 just seem a little crazy to me:) I like to have coupons for stuff I really use like milk, bread, eggs, and meat. Other than that a good diaper coupon or maybe one for yogurt is about all I use!

Jenny said...

That is so awesome! $200 in one month is HUGE!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! You did really good!! I'm lucky to save $8 with my coupons! Granted, we don't buy a lot of stuff that would even have a coupon available. I wish fresh produce had coupons!!!

Kristen said...

Yeah! Congrats on the 30%, that is big! I love saving money! :) We have this amazing discount store around here, and it doesn't take coupons, but I try to use them when I shop the regular stores.

lacey said...

That show is CRAZY! The ONE time I watched it the lady spent $6 on $600 worth of groceries! I hesitated to tell Matt, thinking he'd expect me to start clippin'! Ha!

Jessica said...

It is exciting to save, little or large amounts. When I started a few months ago and realized how much I could save with such little effort it almost made me sick of what I could have been saving over the last several years. I consider it a sport now... one where no one's feelings get hurt. ;-)


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